Aquacult., F/W, Brackish & Marine Systems Res Lab (Jos, )


  • Name:Dr. Cyril Ajuzie
  • Title:Dr

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  • Organization Name:Aquacult., F/W, Brackish & Marine Systems Res Lab
  • Address:Appld Fish./Hydrobiol. Unit
    University of Jos
    Plateau State

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  • Main phone:+234 807 7875 704

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  • Mission:
  • The University of Jos is one of Nigeria's leading institutions of higher learning. It is committed to quality education, and is a staunch advocate of fundamental and applied research for the nation's universities. The University of Jos seeks, thus, the upliftment of mankind through education and research. It is also committed towards sound environmental policies and sustainable use of natural resources.

  • History:
  • The University of Jos started as a Campus of the University of Ibadan in November, 1971, with the appointment of Professor E. A. Ayandele as its first Acting Principlal. Its first home was the present Township campus of the University which is located along Murtala Mohammed way, Jos. Its first students admitted in January, 1972 were pre-degree students. Degree courses in Arts were introduced in october 1973 and in Science and Education the following year. The same year, the Bauchi Road Campus which then accommodated only the Faculties of Natural, environmental, Medical Sciences and Education was acquired. In October 1975, the then Military Government announced the establishment of seven new Universities and University Colleges including the University of Jos. Professor Gilbert Onuaguluchi was appointed its first Vice- Chancellor. Since then, the University has made enormous progress. By 1993, a new system for appointment of Vice-Chancellor in Nigerian Universities was introduced. There was therefore a delay in the appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor in 1993. In the interim, Prof. G. O. M. Tasie acted as Vice-Chancellor from October 1993 to March 1994. Eventually, Prof. N.E. Gomwalk was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University in April,1994. His tenure ended in 1999. Professor M. Y. Mangvwat was appointed Ag. Vice-Chancellor from January 2000 to May 4th 2001. He was later appointed substantive Vice-Chancellor with effect from 5th May 2001. The current Vice- Chancellor, Professor Sonni Tyoden was appointed June 12, 2006 as the 7th substantive Vice- Chancellor of the university.

  • Year established:1971
  • Endowment:Unknown


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