CENPAT/CONICET (Puerto Madryn, )


  • Name:Maria Emilia Diez
  • Title:Licenciature in Biology

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:CENPAT/CONICET
  • Address:Boulevard Brown 2915
    Puerto Madryn 9120

Organization Phone

  • Main phone:54 2965 451024 (270)

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  • Mission:
  • Providing a suitable environment for the implementation of scientific research and technological development, including facilities, general administrative services and support to the work of researchers and the services them provides. It should also contribute to the training of researchers, interns and support staff.

    - Articulate partnerships with government, university, industry and service production in the region.

    - Maintain relationships with national institutions and abroad, organizations of production, to address related issues.

  • History:
  • It was created by National Law, in 1970 and began operations in 1972 in temporary buildings, laboratories and homes in the city.
    In 1978, Patagonian National Center (CENPAT) was transferred to the National Research Council (CONICET).
    Historically the research lines developed in this institute were oriented on the study and evaluation of natural resources in the region. With the advent of democracy, the Ministry of Science and Technology stressed the need to assist the economic rehabilitation of the country and improve the living standards of people and meeting regional requirements. To achieve these objectives, the National Patagonian Center (CENPAT) has sought to link its activities with economic planning systems, production and education. Strengthen its infrastructure and rationalize the use of its resources in the region.

  • Year established:1978
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Government Agency
  • Country of registration:Other
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