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  • Mission:
  • To unite forces throughout the world to transform the lives of people, basically women and children, of rural communities in Tanzania (Africa) through educational, economic, and social and social empowerment with a strong focus on initiating sustainable projects which will impact the infrastructure of such communities.

  • History:
  • Africa Transformation Embassy, Inc (ATE). was founded in 2007 but was established recorded in the State of MD in 2009.

    ATE was birthed out of International Humanitarian projects organization for Africa. Its members traveled to different African countries teaching people how to renew their minds and uniting them together to bring about change in their local community. ATE conducted several economic empowerment seminars which enable the organization to help families in the four regions of Africa.

    ATE developed programs that allow leaders to attend different international conferences and seminars in order to improve their skills, raise the level of awareness regarding basic social needs, and take positive, constructive actions. ATE buils a primary school in Isanga (Tanzania) and children were supported in their educational endeavors in Tukuyu (Tanzania); Enugu (Nigeria); Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC).

    ATE provided platforms for those who desire to invest, develop, and help those in need by providing education, drinking water wells, to eliminate poverty, ignorance, diseases, and bringing good governance to benefit the masses of Africa, one village at a time.

    Africa Transformation Embassy is the brainchild of its President & CEO Dr Nicku Kyungu Mordi who has spent many years traveling through the African continent and who has personally seen the needs of rural African villages. She, specially, saw the need to bridge the gap, fill in the missing links, initiate networks of communication, and build roads of progress which could be sustained and nurtured.

    ATE will tape into the many diverse resources both in America and locally in Africa to bring about significant changes to the African communities, mainly, in Tanzania.

  • Year established:2009
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