ASPIRE Youth Agency (St. Paul, MN)


  • Name:Mrs. Ramona Wilson
  • Title:Executive Director

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  • Organization Name:ASPIRE Youth Agency
  • Address:655 Fairview Ave
    St. Paul, MN 55104
    United States

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  • Main phone:651-842-8732
  • Main fax:651-842-8716

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  • Direct phone:651-842-8726

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  • Mission:
  • A.S.P.I.R.E (Adolescent Striving for Progress, Independence, Resources and Excellence) a human services non-profit organization started May 2011; will provide constructive and innovative programming for at-risk youth ages 12-21 from both Minneapolis and St. Paul that consists of a high number of at-risk, low-income and disadvantage youth. . Our vision: is to provide assist youth to be self-sufficient and independent adults. Our Mission: to provide youth programming that will emphasize a standard of excellence in their achievements. Too often adults have disappointed our youth by taking positive programming from them; while there continues to be a need to stop the cycle of becoming dependent on programs to fulfill their needs instead replace this with trainings to develop them to become self sufficient and achieve sustainability skills; “We are NOT going to give them fish but we are going to teach them how to fish.” The ASPIRE Youth Agency will teach and inform our youth that there are countless opportunities for them. The A.S.P.I.R.E (Adolescent Striving for Progress, Independence, Resources and Excellence) Youth Agency will inspire youth to be productive citizens. Our program offerings will focus on providing programming that will address some of the major disparities and challenges that youth are facing today. All youth will be expected to complete our “Skills for Success” program packets which will include money management, housing education, health and wellness, education, employment/job readiness skills, self-reflection and civility. We plan to address these issues head-on in order to avoid an increase in poverty and uneducated adults. The A.S.P.I.R.E Youth Agency will offer Project FORWARD and HOPE to support its programming efforts as follows:
    • Project FORWARD (Foundation of Respect Working towards Achievement, Responsibility, and Development) will focus on intervention programming that will help in the development of youth to become independent and self-sufficient. The goal is to empower youth to make decision/choices for their future, while instilling self confidence and self-esteem.
    • Project HOPE (Helping One in Pursuit of Education): Based on our in-depth experience in working with youth there is a huge need to improve the educational achievement gap and improve youth’s literacy efforts. Project HOPE will focus on educational development by offering programming to address the youth’s educational needs. We will also work with youth as they prepare them for their post secondary educational plans.
    Our Objective is to “Strive for Excellence” therefore the following will be a standard practice for ASPIRE Agency by:
    o Only using evidence based curriculum—this curriculum is gender and culturally specific. All programming will use evidenced based curriculum.
    o Evaluating the impact we are having on youth by having all youth complete a development asset profile prior to starting programming and after the completion of program to determine if self-esteem and self-image have improved.
    o All programming will use evidence based curriculum and youth will be recognized for their successes. ASPIRE Youth Agency will have graduation events from each program area on a semi-annual basis. These graduations will be big events for the youth as the invite family, community, and schools to attend.
    We anticipate serving more than 200 youth annually, having them participate in group sessions and/or referring them to other services. Also we will provide healthy meals (lunch and dinner) that the youth will cook on a daily bases.

  • History:
  • A youth service agency recently made a major organizational change, which has been devastating to the community, and more importantly it was a major blow to the youth. Most recently the organization announced the closing of its St. Paul facility. This has caused a gap in services and a positive place for youth to go. The decision to close a positive and uplifting youth center has left a major void for youth programming and providing human services. In response to the need for positive youth center the Executive Director, Ramona Wilson; gathered a small group of experienced youth workers (former employees of the closed agency). Which created the new youth organization called “A.S.P.I.R.E (Adolescent Striving for Progress, Independence, Resources and Excellence) Agency.” I believe that my leadership ability and my ability build strong community relationships will be instrumental in the success A.S.P.I.R.E Agency.
    In response to the need for positive youth center. Early in 2011, Ramona was able to form a partnership with an existing non-profit Pathway to Colloge for Families. Both parties agreed to integrate existing programming of Pathway to College for Families in order to creat a new youth ASPIRE Youth Agency. This will provide a more robust and offer a more comprehensive program offering.

  • Year established:2011
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:7
  • Advisory board size:
  • Staff size:6


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United States
  • Tax Determination Letter:Received Determination Letter
  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
  • Tax ID:80-0445892