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  • Organization Name:California Wilderness Coalition
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  • Mission:
  • Our mission is to protect and restore California’s wildest natural landscapes that provide clean air and water, a home to native plants and wildlife, and a place for recreation and spiritual renewal. The best remaining examples of these landscapes exist on the over 40 percent of California that is managed by such federal and state agencies as the USFS, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and California Department of Parks and Recreation. The CWC is the only statewide organization that is dedicated to ensuring that the wildest remaining portions of these government-managed lands are restored and protected for the benefit of future generations.

    Since 1976, CWC has worked collaboratively with diverse constituencies in both rural and urban settings to achieve our protection and restoration goals. Where local activists or organizations exist that care about public lands, our goal is never to supplant them but rather to augment their effectiveness by providing training and other resources. Where local groups do not exist, we try to create them. One of our ultimate goals is for all important wild places in the state to have a “friends of” group working to protect and restore them.

    CWC has an administrative office in Oakland and field offices in Redding and Upland. We have seven staff members, an eleven-member Board of Directors, and over 5,000 members. We have 80 member groups such as Friends of the River, Natural Resources Defense Council, Friends of the Inyo, and the National Parks Conservation Association. CWC publishes a quarterly news journal, the Wilderness Record, a bi-monthly email update and activist alerts.

  • History:
  • A great victory for conservations came with the passage of the Wilderness Act of 1964. The law created a system of “wilderness areas” on federal land where, with a few exceptions, logging, mining, road construction, dam building, vehicle use and other potentially destructive activities are prohibited. Since only Congress can protect federal land as wilderness, over the last 46 years conservationists have launched innumerable campaigns to convince Congress to pass wilderness legislation for the wildest remaining portions of our federal lands.

    By the mid-1970s, however, only a small fraction of California’s wild lands had legal protection as part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Over 85 percent of wilderness-eligible lands in the state were still threatened by road-building, motorized vehicle use, logging, or other forms of development. Moreover, not a single environmental group in California was focused solely on wilderness protection statewide. Conservationists Jim Eaton, Bob Schneider, Phil Farrell, Don Morrill, and Jeff Barnickol decided to address this need when they founded the CWC in 1976. Since then, we have worked to:

    • Protect 13 million acres of land as wilderness: We have helped Representative Mary Bono Mack (R-Palm Springs), Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California), Representative Phillip Burton (D-San Francisco), Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), Representative Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-Santa Clarita), Representative Mike Thompson (D-Napa) and other policymakers craft and pass nine bills that protected over thirteen million acres of federal land as wilderness. The lands we helped to permanently protect ranged from the fog-shrouded King Range Wilderness on California’s fabled “Lost Coast,” to the blazing Mojave and Sonoran deserts, to the granite spires and azure lakes of the High Sierra.
    • Protect countless wild places from short-term, immediate development threats: Many times over the decades we have had to fight to protect publicly-owned wild places that are threatened by ill-conceived developments and other potentially harmful activities. Notable examples of our successful defense efforts include thwarting plans to build a large resort on the face of iconic Mount Shasta and the proposal to drill for oil in wild portions of the Los Padres National Forest, one of the last refuges for the endangered California condor.
    • Develop and implement collaborative stewardship projects and restoration projects: We have coordinated on-the-ground stewardship projects with federal agencies, tribes, ranchers, youth, equestrians, church groups, landowners, hunters, anglers and other stakeholders that have ranged from simple day-long litter cleanups to summer-long volunteer-recruitment campaigns designed to help federal agencies with scant resources manage large wilderness areas. In recognition of our efforts, US Forest Service (USFS) Chief Tom Tidwell and USFS California Regional Forester Randy Moore named the CWC’s Senior Policy Director Ryan Henson “Partner of the Year” on November 30, 2010.

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