bogor agricultural university (bogor, )


  • Name:Mr. aras syazili

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:bogor agricultural university
  • Address:bogor, west java indonesia
    bogor 16620
    west java

Organization Phone

  • Main phone:+6281355119471

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  • Mission:
  • Conducting high quality higher education and comprehensive supervision of students for the purpose of promoting the nation's competitiveness.
    Developing science and technology based on the current needs of the communities and the future trends.
    Building a system of higher education management having the characteristics of entrepreneurship, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability.
    Promoting the formation of civil society on the basis of truth and human rights.

  • Overview:
  • IPB’s organization consists of Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, Board of Auditors, Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans, Vice Deans, Heads of Institution, Institution Secretary, Directors and Head of the Sub-directorates. In addition, IPB also has a library director and heads of other supporting elements, namely laboratories, workshops, studios, information centers, experiment gardens and security units and other necessary forms. IPB also has commercial business units whose leaders are appointed and dismissed by as well as responsible to Rector

  • History:
  • IPB’s history of development began with the embryonic phase (1941-1963), birth and growth phase (1963-1975), maturity phase (1975-2000), implementation phase of IPB's autonomy IPB (2000-2005) towards IPB as State-Owned Legal Body (BHMN) which would begin in 2006. In 2007 IPB was expected to be in an embryonic stage of a research-based university.

  • Year established:1941
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:21
  • Advisory board size:
  • Staff size:


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #: