Central Tree Middle School (Rutland, MA)


  • Name:Mrs. Jennifer Schmohl
  • Title:Science Teacher

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  • Organization Name:Central Tree Middle School
  • Address:281 Main Street
    Rutland, MA 01543
    United States

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  • Main phone:508-886-0073

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  • Mission:
  • Middle school-aged boys and girls can make a positive difference and participate in in their community. Students from Central Tree Middle School in Rutland, Massachusetts will research, collaborate, initiate, and facilitate a park restoration project in their town with a theme that is significant to Rutland's history and geography. Students will actively participate in their town's processes by presenting their proposal to the town's Conservation Commission, Select Board, and the Highway Department as well as solicit resources from local businesses. Their ultimate goal is to restore an unused and ignored lot into a useful open space as well as bring back the Elm, the species of tree which once lined the main streets of Rutland, marked the geographic center of Massachusetts, and inspired their school’s name.

  • History:
  • Rutland, Massachusetts is the geographic center of Massachusetts. This location was marked by the "Central Tree", an American Elm Tree. (It is now marked with a Maple Tree.) In the center of town, two miles from the "Central Tree" and ¼ mile from the middle school is an ignored lot named "The Johnny Elmseed Park". It was intended to be a nursery for Elm tree saplings so that the main streets of Rutland could once again be lined with Elm trees, after suffering near extinction from the Dutch Elm disease. Currently there is a broken sign, some stumps, grass, and wild shrubs. The town hosts several events and parades on the main street and would be enhanced greatly by turning the unsightly lot into a place for residents and visitors to admire and “sit a spell” in the shade of some Elm trees. Adolescents enjoy and benefit from making a difference in their world and it can begin right at home.

  • Year established:2012
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