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  • Organization Name:Access Books
  • Address:BOx 64951
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of Access Books is twofold: to provide high interest reading material to underserved children in the greater Los Angeles area, and to provide a warm and welcoming school or community library. In this process, different communities work together around the love of books.

  • History:
  • Access Books was formed in 1999 based on research that shows you learn to read by reading, but first you must have something to read (Krashen, 1993, 2003). While conducting research for her Ph.D. dissertation, the founder of Access Books visited schools in both affluent and poor neighborhoods. She found that students in wealthy areas had access to more books in their home than poor children had in their home, classroom, school and public library combined (Constantino,, 1997, Constantino, 2007). She also found that in some affluent schools, good quality books were discarded on a regular basis, making room for new ones. Thus, Access Books was born.

  • Year established:1999
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United States
  • Tax Determination Letter:Received Determination Letter
  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
  • IRS Subsection:Operating

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