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  • Organization Name:Agape Community Center
  • Address:2353 Bolton Road
    Suite 100
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of Agape is to empower and support underserved families to discover and embrace their full potential. Agape achieves this mission by offering programs and services to school-age children, disabled individuals, adults, senior citizens, and families of NW Atlanta.

  • Overview:
  • The Agape Community Center provides high-quality academic-based after-school programming and summer athletic-based enrichment programs for economically-disadvantaged school age children in northwest Atlanta, as well as day programming for seniors and disabled adults, and emergency assistance for families in need.

    The students Agape serves are 69% Hispanic Latino and 31% African American from impoverished families; 100% of the students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch at school.

    Agape is enrolled to 175 students K-12 and operating at full capacity. Agape is the only service provider in this area of over 1,100 low income families. The Board of Directors is charting a course over the next five years via strategic plan, to quantify the needs and increase capacity through expansion and strategic partnerships. Agape is about to grow significantly to drive greater outcomes.

    Importantly, Agape Community Center provides a supervised, safe haven in the afterschool programs at a time of day when teen crime and teen pregnancy spike among unsupervised youths. Students and mentors are often paired in elementary school and the relationship may last through high school graduation. The average Agape high school senior has been enrolled at Agape for almost six years, offering a remarkable opportunity to influence behavior and perspective.

    This is important because a study done by the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, found that for children living in high crime, low income areas, 90% will become juvenile delinquents, while less than 10% of children in stable homes in low crime areas will ever have a criminal record.

    Programs offered currently include the following:
    • Elementary and Middle School Afterschool
    • ESOL embedded in Bolton Academy Elementary School for Spanish-speaking students
    • The Ginger Kaney Mentoring Institute for High School Students
    • Day Programs for Seniors and Disabled Adults
    • Emergency Assistance for Families

    Agape has developed program logic models to monitor and evaluate the relationships between various program inputs and activities, and the intended outcomes. This has allowed Agape to develop a very systematic approach to delivering a very high quality, academic-focused after-school program with defined deliverables.

    Specific defined outcomes include the following:
    • Character development
    • Communication Skills including interpersonal skills, etiquette, self-confidence, positive attitude and pride in their family, and their community.
    • Academic success regarding daily school material and homework assignments, test performance and grades, student attendance, confidence and competence, acknowledgement when there is a lack of understanding, proud acknowledgement of their accomplishments and a desire to perform.
    • Positive long-term choices about education, family and community.
    • Avoidance of negative behaviors that derail long-term success i.e. pregnancy, drugs, criminal activity.
    • Grade level mastery resulting in on-time succession to the next grade.
    Students are evaluated daily by program assistants and mentors regarding behaviors, demeanor and understanding of the academic materials. In addition Agape receives report cards and progress reports from each child’s school, and follows through setting up student / parent meetings to develop family plans to support each child’s success.

    Students are evaluated daily by program assistants and mentors regarding behaviors, demeanor and understanding of the academic materials. In addition Agape receives report cards and progress reports from each child’s school, and follows through setting up student/parent meetings to develop family plans to support each child’s success.

  • History:
  • Agape Community Center was started as an outreach mission by members of Trinity Presbyterian Church in 1997 as they saw a need to serve the low-income families living just down the road from their church. Over the years, Agape has grown to find financial support from a variety of sources, but Trinity has always continued to support Agape with funding, volunteers, mentors and tutors for our programs and services.

    Nell Benn joined the Agape Community Center as Executive Director in January 2003. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology at Georgia Southern University, she obtained a masters degree in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University and is licensed as a clinical social worker in Georgia. In May 2002, she was appointed by former Governor Roy Barnes to the Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists. In 2009, Nell was appointed to the Georgia State University School of Social Work Advisory Board.

    In 2011, Ms. Tanika Lashae Conner became Agape’s first college graduate, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Albany State University.

    After 15 years of solid, conservative growth, a strong program delivery track record, and responsible financial stewardship, Agape is poised and prepared to increase capacity and community visibility responsibly. In 2011, Agape exceeded the annual revenue goal of $855,000 by 4% and finished with expenses under budget. At the end of 2011 total assets equal $332,507. Agape is 100% privately funded by diverse sources including individuals, faith-based organizations, corporations, foundations and special events.

  • Year established:1997
  • Endowment:Unknown


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