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  • Mission:
  • Building Bright Futures seeks funds to offer oral health screening, fluoride varnishing, education and referral to dental home for approximately 3700 students in 6 schools serving primarily underserved and disadvantaged communities.

  • Overview:
  • Ask any principal, school nurse, or teacher that works with children from low-income families, every day children experience pain from dental caries (cavities) that impact learning. In order to prevent dental disease and address unmet oral health needs of our community’s children, Building Bright Futures is partnering with Building Healthy Futures, Creighton University School of Dentistry, Charles Drew Health Center, OneWorld Community Health Centers, School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs), the Omaha Public Schools, and the Child Oral Health Collaborative to provide Healthy Smiles, an oral health screening and fluoride varnishing program, to 6 schools, including their early childhood programs.

    Nationally, 25% of children ages 2-5 and 50% of those 12-15 have tooth decay. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, caries are the most common chronic disease of childhood, affecting almost 60% of children ages 5-17. Of low-income children, approximately 17 million go without basic care each year, and children living in poverty are twice as likely as their more affluent peers to suffer from toothaches. To combat this disease and prevent undue pain, the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “strongly recommend fluoride varnishing” due to its efficacy in preventing and controlling dental caries in teeth.

    Tooth decay is an infectious, transmissible disease caused by bacteria colonizing on the teeth and producing acid that dissolves enamel. Fluoride acts to slow this process interfere with the growth of harmful bacterial and strengthen teeth. Fluoride varnish provides a highly concentrated, temporary dose of fluoride and is highly effective in preventing caries on primary and permanent teeth (ASTDD, 2007). The use of fluoride varnish to prevent dental caries in children is expanding in both traditional dental practice settings and in non-dental settings such as medical offices, schools, childcare centers and Head Start programs.

    In addition to fluoride varnishing, Healthy Smiles aims to connect each child to a dental home to ensure continuity of care and establish healthy oral health behaviors. Upon receiving the fluoride varnish, all students are screened to determine the need for follow-up with a dental professional. Each student will receive a dental “report card” indicating their current status for follow-up; 1 = Urgent dental needs, 2 = Requires dental care, 3 = No obvious problems. In the event a child receives a 1 or 2, Healthy Smiles staff begin working with parents, the OneWorld Caremobile, and members of the Child Oral Health Collaborative to ensure disease is addressed immediately and students are connected to a dental home for long-term care. To meet the diverse needs of those we serve, a network of professionals and wrap-around services have been incorporated into the program:
    * To reduce transportation and proximity barriers, the SBHCs partnered with OneWorld’s Caremobile. The Caremobile is a full-service dental clinic on wheels and brings care to children at school. It is equipped with two patient exam rooms, and is staffed by a full-time dentist who provides screening, treatment, and education at the school site
    * To address barriers regarding access to insurance and affordability, patients without dental insurance will be referred to the Medicaid Outreach team who will help determine if a patient and/or their family is eligible for Medicaid, and facilitate the application process and dental care
    * For extensive oral health cases requiring care beyond the scope of a general dentist, families are referred to the Creighton University School of Dentistry, the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry, or Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oral Surgery. All SBHCs have a rich history with these dental schools and Children’s Hospital, and have partnered with them on multiple collaborative projects

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