Cache Valley Adult Day Center (Logan, UT)


  • Name:Mary Bennett
  • Title:Co-Chairman

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  • Organization Name:Cache Valley Adult Day Center
  • Address:290 North 400 East
    Logan, UT 84321
    United States

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  • Main phone:(435) 512-8454

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  • Mission:
  • We will provide a safe, stimulating, cost effective program for adults with dementia or who are chronically ill. Our goal is to help caregivers continue to care for their loved ones at home by providing a program that supports happiness and independence for the participant while providing time off for the caregiver.

  • Overview:
  • Cache Valley Adult Day Center is dedicated to assisting adults who are confused and or chronically ill to remain as independent as possible, Besides caring for adults who can pay privately, Cache Valley Adult Day Center will partner with the Bear River Area Agency on Aging to provide adult day care for individuals who have applied for assistance from the Alternatives Program, and are still on the waiting list. In the State of Utah each of the eleven Area Agencies on Aging administers three programs which help the financially needy senior population receive assistance to remain safely in their own homes. The Alternatives Program is the most flexible of these three programs. It allows people to remain in control of their own finances, and still qualify for some help from The Alternatives Program if they meet the financial guidelines. Because some people prefer not to become Medicaid eligible The Alternatives Program has a waiting list. In the Bear River District there are 174 people who have applied for assistance, but currently aren’t receiving help. Because of limited funding these individuals may have to wait for years before they receive the help they’ve requested and desperately need. In recent years funding from the Utah State Legislature has been cut back. In 2008 the Alternatives Budget in the State of Utah was $228,062. Even though the aging population has grown the funding for this program was cut to $216,985 in Fiscal Year 2012. According to Senator Lyle Hillyard, Chairman of the Executive Appropriations Committee, in 2013 there will be at least a 25% reduction in funds for all Human Services in the State of Utah. This financial cut, necessitated by the Sequestration debacle, will dramatically affect not only the people on the waiting list, but those who are currently receiving assistance. Many of these seniors may be forced to take up residency in an expensive long-term care facility because of the budget cuts to the Alternatives Program.

    Cache Valley Adult Day Center can assist with caring for this vulnerable group of seniors. Through the in-take process The Alternative’s Program case manager, in consultation with Michelle Benson, Director, Area Agency on Aging will determine both the service and financial needs of each potential adult day care client. The client or his / her financially responsible party will be assessed a sliding scale fee according to their ability to pay. Money granted by the Lawrence Foundation and other grantors / donors will be used to pay the difference between what the client or his/her caregiver is able to pay and the cost of adult day services.

    Following is a comparison of costs between adult day services provided by Cache Valley Adult Day Center and long-term care provided by a local nursing center:
    Cost of Adult Day Services:
    $40 / day x 255 days (number of days of operation / year) = $10,200

    Average Cost of Nursing Home Care paid by Medicaid:
    $189 / day x 365 days = $68,985

    Financial assistance from the Lawrence Foundation would enable financially needy seniors to remain independent in their own homes. It would also save medicaid dollars which program has become a major financial burden for all U S citizens.

  • History:
  • The concept for the Cache Valley Adult Day Center arose out of a need when another 501(c)(3) organization providing adult day services in Cache County, located in Northern Utah, closed. This left a gap in the continuum of essential adult services in the community. Cache Valley Adult Day Center is the only adult day center in Cache County, an area which attracts multi-generational families and which has a population of 120,000 and a senior population estimated at 14,000. As of May, 2012 Cache Valley Adult Day Center is a 501(c)(3) organization.
    Utah has the highest per capita prevalence increase of Alzheimer’s among all states. Utah will grow by 127% in its cases of Alzheimer’s disease – from 22,000 cases in 2000 to 50,000 cases in 2025. In 2011 the Utah State Legislature established a Task Force to study the growing needs of caregivers and care recipients. This Task Force found the following strategies significant:
    • It is efficacious to support independent functioning of early-stage dementia in adult day care for as long as possible.
    • Adult day service is effective as a less costly alternative to state and federally funded permanent residency in long-term care
    This cost-effective option in caring for adults will give clients assistance with activities of daily living, curtail social isolation, deal positively with the risks for falling and wandering, provide nutritious meals and snacks, decrease instances of depression, and provide mentally stimulating, physically energizing therapeutic programs. Every one of our clients deserves to remain as independent as possible. However, their weary, dedicated family members need time-off from providing 24 hour care. Often the primary caregiver must continue to work in order to pay for ancillary health care costs. With a break from the often grueling care routine this army of caregivers can receive the rejuvenating respite they need in order to continue caring for grandma, grandpa or a disabled spouse. Keeping people in the community is a win win solution to the growing number of adults who need care. Each person who attends the adult day center will be treated with dignity and receive help according to his/her individual plan of care. Families will continue to enjoy the association of their cherished elders. The unwieldy cost of long-term care will be contained. The community at large will unite in a worthwhile effort to provide meaningful life experiences for its most vulnerable citizens.

  • Year established:2012
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