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  • Name:Ms. Erin Tulley
  • Title:President

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  • Organization Name:ActLocally
  • Address:1762 U St. NW, Apt. 3
    Washington, DC 20009
    United States

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  • Main phone:3522170471

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  • Mission:
  • ActLocally’s mission is to provide an online social platform for the promotion of environmental community events and the encouragement of local community action. Using this grassroots social platform, participants will share and discuss events and experiences. ActLocally will collect and exhibit participant activity on an international level to illustrate the global impact one can have by giving back a little of their time in their own community.

  • Overview:
  • ActLocally, a newly launched environmental activism non-profit, seeks funding for our initial operating costs. We are mid-application for our 501(3)c exempt status and expect the determination letter to arrive within one to two weeks.

    We are building an ever-growing community of global citizens seeking environmental sustainability. By creating an open and neutral space where all are free to share information, events, and experiences, we strive to promote discussions and actions that are driven from the local community which builds to create a global impact. We aim to make this the largest collaborative effort towards environmental community activism. Additionally, we want to encourage environmental activism, increase the number of individuals participating, and increase overall environmental education. ActLocally will directly with many environmental issues including climate change, local food, water and air quality, waste reduction, and recycling.

    ActLocally seeks to engage local, regional and national level environmental organizations in contributing event details to our publicly accessible platform. We want to make it simpler for individuals and groups to participate in their communities by uniting activism with the community-building potential of the internet. By showcasing the impact our users have on their communities, we celebrate the effects of community activism and help demonstrate the impact of collective local actions on the global community.

    • Website that hosts information on events in different locales and makes them available for search by location, issue, and organization in order to encourage community activism.
    • Create a universally accessible forum that fosters discussion, social connections, and networking around local community actions, events, and organizations.
    • Sponsor international environmental funding campaigns to encourage those unable to directly participate in local activism to still contribute to global change.
    • Showcase local community efforts using interactive visualizations in order to demonstrate the globally-positive effects yielded by collective individual action.
    • Facilitate communication among individuals, activists, and organizations from different locales in order to encourage collaboration on common issues across geographical boundaries.
    • Provide a platform to enable individuals to plan and discuss potential events.
    • Provide an environmental education knowledge base that includes: resources for green planning and community activism; green recommendations for work, family, and individual activities; and general information on environmental issues.

    Our initial outreach will involve environmental organizations at the local level. Currently, we have a database of over 1,000 contacts, and this database continues to amass. We will encourage these organizations to collaborate directly with us, posting events and allowing us to promote and increase participation to listed events.
    Our collaboration with the organizations will constitute one of the largest environmental community service databases of environmental events globally. Such collaboration will also facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources across organizations, which we will facilitate.

    At the individual level, we will make volunteering to better one’s environment as easy as possible with simple searches, non-monetary incentives to donate one’s time, and discussion forums to share ideas and experiences.
    The collective efforts of individuals at the local level will be expressed through ActLocally to demonstrate the global impact an individual can have. This will inherently be the main method of incentive to give one’s time and efforts… global change.

    In areas where individuals see a need for environmental action where it does not currently exist, ActLocally will act as a host for events, donating time and services at no cost.

    For those individuals who do not have the time to contribute to bettering our environment, we will provide a charitable cause to donate to. All moneys received by ActLocally through our website charitable designations will go directly to that determined charitable cause; moneys collected from individuals will never go to ActLocally directly.

  • History:
  • We are a newly launched non-profit environmental activism organization. In order to officially launch this network, our first priority is the development of our interactive website for individuals to utilize in order to search for and then discuss activities in their local community. ActLocally has begun participating and encouraging community activism (see @actlocally1 on Twitter), but are limited as we are currently unfunded.

    Our initial funding will go towards our website development and salaries of our three full-time employees and one or two part-time employees. ActLocally has conducted a survey of similar non-profit salaries in the area and has projected expected salaries at almost half of those working in similar fields. We have a technical advisor who has projected costs of our website development, which is available should you choose to review.

  • Year established:2013
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:3
  • Advisory board size:
  • Staff size:4


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United States
  • Tax Determination Letter:Applied For Determination Letter
  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
  • IRS Subsection:None
  • Tax ID:46-2428552