Al Maun Fund (Atlantic City, NJ)

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  • Organization Name:Al Maun Fund
  • Address:POB 7691
    Atlantic City, NJ 08404-7691
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • Al Maun Fund is a non-profit social service organization that provides assistance for basic needs, resource referrals and support to those who are experiencing short-term setbacks. We are committed to aiding individuals and families undergoing hardships to regain self sufficiency, as well as helping neighborhoods through community projects.

  • Overview:
  • Currently we operate virtually and have several storage units where we store, sort, and box up donated clothing and household items. We would like to rent a building so we can easily ship these items to families in need across the United States. Having space would also allow us to open up a food pantry to service local residents, and have a computer lab where people can access the internet for job searches and schoolwork. To that end, we would need to buy mandated equipment to adequately store dried food and perishables until distribution, and used furniture to furnish the space.

    Our organization has been sustained by many small donors, and some small grants from Macy’s and Chase Giving and we are very grateful for that. However, in order to better plan and grow we need funding for operating costs, and program funding. Our current programs include:

    Financial Assistance to Families and Individuals: aids those in need by assisting with utility bills, rental help, doctors visits, prescriptions, other medical services, household needs, clothing, job training/educational needs, work/medical related transportation, and other needs.

    Baby Bundles gives families in need a basic array of items to help care for their new infant.

    Shoes for Kids are provided to children in need of shoes for the new school year.

    School Giveaway equips needy children with backpacks filled with school supplies

    Winter Warmth Giveaway allows us to distribute free coats, gloves, scarves and boots.

    Virtual Education Outreach provides a learning platform where people can learn languages, homeschooling classes, employment/budgeting and parenting skills and much more.

    Community Outreach is directed to those who are active in providing activities to the youth and community at large. Such as competitions, summer camps, organized outings and events for children and for holiday activities among other things. We also organize local events to help build a sense of community.

    We are also located in an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy last year. We would like to offer additional assistance to families who suffered the loss of their homes or need repairs, and may also have lost their jobs as a result of the hurricane and are still recovering.

  • History:
  • Al Maun Fund came about due to a group of women who had connected online. Often there would be requests for financial assistance requested, and the members would pool their resources to offer help.

    However once that become a common occurrence, two of those ladies decided there had to be a better way to verify those requests and and provide the aid in a more organized fashion.

    And this is how we grew. Helping families one small kindness at a time, until we have reached close to 2000 households aided since our inception.

  • Year established:2004
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United States
  • Tax Determination Letter:Received Determination Letter
  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
  • IRS Subsection:None

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