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  • Name:Mr. David Burgess
  • Title:Executive Director

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  • Organization Name:CHARG Resource Center
  • Address:709 E 12th Ave
    Denver, CO 80203
    United States

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  • Main phone:303-830-8805

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of CHARG Resource Center is “to advance a model of genuine partnership among individuals who live with mental illness, mental health professionals, and the larger community, through respectful, comprehensive services.” We have pioneered an innovative partnership model, under which our mentally ill clients are equal partners in the development and implementation of our services. They elect their own board of directors, which governs our Center in equal partnership with the community-based board. Empowerment of the mental health consumer is further enhanced through the development of paid jobs for approximately 24 of our members at our two locations.

  • Overview:
  • CHARG Resource Center is governed by two nonprofit 501.c.3 corporations, the Capitol Hill Action and Recreation Group, Inc. (CHARG) and HEART of Boardwalk, Inc., acting as equal partners in a joint venture. Because this application asks for information about one nonprofit entity, this information will be provided for HEART of Boardwalk, Inc. CHARG Resource Center works with people who live with conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar illness, severe or psychotic depression. Our mission is addressed through three primary goals: 1) to provide resources and services not otherwise adequately available to adults with mental illness; 2) to empower mental health consumers as equal partners in all policy decisions; and 3) to advocate for the needs of people with mental illness in the larger community. Its service programs include a consumer-run drop-in center, an outreach project serving homeless people who are mentally ill, and the only comprehensive mental health clinic we are aware of anywhere in the country which submits all of its policies to an elected board of its own consumers for approval. CHARG also helps its members to secure dental and eye care, and is involved in community education and advocacy activities, including a consumer-run speakers' bureau.

    Summary information on these specific programs follows:

    The Drop-In Center
    The CHARG Drop-In Center is open to any person with a major mental illness, regardless of where they live or receive treatment. It serves approximately 350 unduplicated individuals per year. Activities include socialization, a depression support group, a group focusing on life skills, a sewing group, a shopping group, and team sports. The Drop-In Center provides hot coffee and snacks free of charge, and an inexpensive hot lunch is offered on Tuesdays.

    Dental and Eye Care
    This program addresses mental health consumers’ need for dental and eye care, which are generally not funded benefits of Medicaid or Medicare. We will pay for these services for our clients, or assist them in obtaining free treatment if available. We ask the client to agree to pay back the cost of treatment over an extended time period, as they are able. In this way, expenses can be paid back into the fund, thus becoming available to help the next person in need.

    The Heartland Clinic
    This outpatient clinic provides intensive services to up to 50 chronically mentally ill people. The clinic staff includes a part-time psychiatrist, a full-time psychiatric nurse, two social workers, a recreation therapist and a varying number of student interns from local universities. Admission is generally limited to persons with Medicaid or (in a few cases) Medicare insurance.

    Community Education
    CHARG staff and consumers work in the community to educate the public about mental illness. In particular, mental health consumer speakers from CHARG have spoken about mental illness in front of a variety of audiences of all sizes, from church groups and college classes to workshops and conferences. CHARG Resource Center also hosts, in partnership with several other mental health organizations, an annual mental health conference that is designed to stimulate creative thinking among consumers, professionals, family members, and the community.

    Consumer Advocacy
    CHARG's Consumer Advocates are part-time mentally ill employees of CHARG Resource Center. Based at the drop-in center, the consumer advocates work with their mentally ill peers to assist them in accessing needed services, and have often become involved in finding them shelter or more permanent housing. CHARG Resource Center also co-founded CART (the Coalition for the Advancement of Rights in Treatment), which represents mental health consumers, advocates and other interested persons. At their meetings, CART’s members share detailed information about legislation and public policy development that is relevant to persons with mental illness and how consumers can be part of the process.

    PATH Homeless Outreach Project
    This project is a cooperative interagency program which involves CHARG in partnership with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Its goal is specifically to address the needs of homeless persons who are mentally ill, through case management and counseling services. The project employs one professional case manager/project coordinator and two case manager aides who are mental health consumers.

  • History:
  • The Capitol Hill Action and Recreation Group, Inc. (CHARG) was incorporated in 1980 by a group of mental health consumers working with the assistance of a VISTA volunteer. Since its inception, CHARG has been involved in numerous advocacy and supportive activities to benefit mentally ill persons in Denver. Its Board of Directors and membership are composed exclusively of persons who have chronic mental illness. Most of them have diagnoses of schizophrenia or manic-depressive (bipolar) illness and most live below the poverty level, with financial support from Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income. They experience delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thought, mood swings, and other devastating ongoing symptoms.

    In May 1989 a small group of mental health professionals and other community supporters incorporated a nonprofit called HEART of Boardwalk. (HEART stands for Healing, Empowerment, and Advocacy for a Richer Tomorrow.) Its mission was and is to assist mental health consumers’ efforts to take more effective control over their own lives through developing empowering alternatives and seeking to fill gaps in the existing mental health system. Later in 1989, CHARG and HEART of Boardwalk together founded CHARG Resource Center as a joint venture embodying a philosophy which they called the “partnership model.”

    The essence of the partnership model is the idea that the most effective and lasting empowerment of persons with mental illness occurs when mental health consumers are able to make their own independent decisions regarding their needs. At the same time, it was recognized that consumers require dependable, ongoing assistance from others in the larger community if they are to succeed in developing a stable resource for themselves. These goals were achieved by building an equal partnership between the two organizations.

    CHARG Resource Center opened its doors as a drop-in center in the basement of a Capitol Hill Church in August, 1989, with a professional staff of one; in February, 1990, an executive director was hired and a comprehensive mental health clinic was opened in response to mental health consumers’ wishes. With funding support from local foundations and various churches, the program continued to grow; the clinic applied for and eventually received certification from the Colorado Department of Health and Division of Mental Health, enabling it to access Medicaid and Medicare insurance reimbursement. In 1992, an outreach program for homeless mentally ill adults was started in cooperation with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. In September, 1995, CHARG Resource Center moved its clinic and administrative offices to a new building which was purchased thanks to a major grant from the Junior League of Denver. The Center continues to develop programs and initiatives in response to unmet needs which are identified by its partners.

    Throughout its existence, CHARG Resource Center has been active as a voice for mental health consumers in Colorado, and is extensively involved in advocacy and public education activities to insure consumer representation in important decisions and to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. We founded and organized the Coalition for the Advancement of Rights in Treatment (CART), a diverse group of mental health consumers and advocates from a number of organizations; this group is regularly represented in state-level policy planning for mental health. Members of CHARG’s consumer-run Speakers’ Bureau have spoken to countless college classes, conferences and workshops about the needs of persons with mental illness.

  • Year established:1989
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:13
  • Advisory board size:15
  • Staff size:30


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United States
  • Tax Determination Letter:Received Determination Letter
  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
  • IRS Subsection:509(a)(1)
  • Tax ID:84-1116982

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  • EIN:841116982
  • Organization Name:HEART OF BOARDWALK
  • Sort (Secondary) Name:CHARG RESOURCE CENTER
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  • Organization Address:709 E 12TH AVE
  • Organization City:DENVER
  • Organization State:CO
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  • Subsection Code:03
  • Classification Code(s):1
  • Subsection/Classification Desc.:Charitable Organization
  • Affiliation Code:3
  • Ruling Date:October, 1993
  • Deductibility Code:1
  • Foundation Code:15
  • Foundation Code Desc.:Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)
  • Activity Code(s):560
  • Activity Code Desc.(s):Supplying money, goods or services to the poor
  • Organization Code:1 (Corporation)
  • Exempt Org. Status Code:01 (Unconditional Exemption)
  • Tax Period:June, 2016
  • Filing Requirement Category:01 (990 (all other) or 990EZ return)
  • Accounting Period:June
  • NTEE Code:P28Z
  • Asset Amount:$511,671
  • Asset Code:5 ($500,000 - $999,999)
  • Income Amount:$725,845
  • Income Code:5 ($500,000 - $999,999)
  • 990 Revenue Amount:$725,845
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