AWERD (Arni, )


  • Name:Mr. Clement Raja
  • Title:Secretary

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:AWERD
  • Address:45 Bharathiyar St
    NS Nagar
    Arni 632301
    Tamil Nadu

Organization Phone

  • Main phone:9994539651

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User Address

  • Address:45 Bharathiyar St
    Arni 632301
    Tamil Nadu

User Phone

  • Mobile phone:9994539651
  • Home phone:9092218120

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  • Mission:
  • • To motivate the people on Developing Education, Health, and Hygiene, Environment, livestock income and production for Socio-economic Development.
    • To develop knowledge, to identity their problems realize there needs and guide them for possible solutions individually and collectively.
    • To organize the women folk and strengthen their empowerment to participate in the struggle of the people to get better infrastructure.
    • To develop food and agriculture, livestock and animal husbandry technical and professional training for the better income and savings.
    • To promote health care, child welfare and hygiene conditions for safety and dignity, and to eradicate attitudes of other people.
    • To carry out relief measures at the tone of flood, fire, famine and drought, for the safety of the weaker sections and to encourage the unemployed youth to get skill training and income generating schemes for better income.

  • Overview:
  • As the students in Loyola College, Chennai we had the experience of working among the poorest of the poor in Chennai city slums irrespective of caste creed, religion and language. When we worked in Chennai city slums with a well-established organizations, we very much impressed upon the pathetic conditions of the people who live in congested hut, having no electricity, proper drinking water, and basis medical facilities. Luckily, there are some organizations to cater them, but in towns like Arni, there is no one to care disadvantaged. Though the executive committee members were educated in cities they actually hailing from Arni only.

    The youngsters who used to meat often in Playgrounds and Churches talked about the problem the people face. One day we came out with a conclusion that we must do something good to our people with specific objectives to increase the life style at the grass root level. Therefore, the like ruined youngsters came together under one umbrella on the common ground of dedication for the liberation and empowerment of the poor for an integrated or wholesome Development.

    The board members equipped with versatile knowledge and experience by attending innumerable training courses, seminars, workshops and refresher courses, on community Development, health and hygiene, mother and child care, food and agricultural Development, livestock Development, tree plantation and environmental protection, legal protection imbibed in the constitution, low cost housing and sanitary latrine technologies and other appropriate technologies etc.

  • History:
  • The Untouchability practiced against the Harijans, the discrimination shown on the basis of caste and creed towards the poor, the exploitations inflicted upon the disadvantaged, fraudulency practiced over the marginalized on their simplicity and the nepotism exercised very commonly by the few vested interests and the rich minority over the majority of the Harijans and other disadvantaged belong to the backward and the most backward communities like Washer men, Barbers, Irulas, Ottahs, Trubaks, Gypsiesely were motivated by a group of youngsters to come together to form an association under the leadership of Mr. Clement Raja and dedicate their joint efforts for the Development and emancipation of the urban poor. Thus the society “Association for Women, Education and Rural Development”, AWERD was born and registered legally to enjoy certain facilities that are being provided by the law in the land.

  • Year established:2000
  • Endowment:No


  • Executive / Trustee board size:7
  • Advisory board size:5
  • Staff size:20


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #: