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  • Name:Adele Diviney
  • Title:Miss

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  • Organization Name:Barnardos
  • Address:Midlands Brooklands
    Great Cornbow, Halesowen
    West Midlands B63 3AB
    United Kingdom

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  • Main phone:0121 359 5333

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  • Mission:
  • At Barnardo’s we believe in children. By this, we mean that we believe in the potential of all children, no matter the adversity they have faced or what mistakes they have made. We believe that with our support they can become empowered to reach their potential. This is the ethos that inspires our work.

    Barnardo’s believes in children regardless of their circumstances, gender, race, disability or behaviour. Our purpose as a charity today is to transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children

    We believe in the abused, the most vulnerable, the forgotten and the neglected. We will support them, stand up for them and bring out the best in each and every child.

    We do this because we believe that every child deserves the best start in life and the chance to fulfil their potential.

    With the right help, committed support and a little committed support and a little belief, even the most vulnerable children can turn their lives around.

  • Overview:
  • Embedded in local communities across the UK, our 900 projects address a wide range of issues affecting vulnerable children. We provide education and training programmes for children; we support young people making the daunting transition from the care system into independent living; and we help children whose lives have been devastated by the imprisonment of a parent or carer. One thing is common to all our services: a determination to be there for children who have nowhere else to turn.

    Last year we transformed the lives of more than 200,000 of the UK’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families. We helped many more by campaigning to change policy and public opinion

  • History:
  • The London in which Thomas Barnardo, our Founder arrived in 1866 was a city struggling to cope with the effects of the Industrial Revolution. The population had dramatically increased and much of this increase was concentrated in the East End, where overcrowding, bad housing, unemployment, poverty and disease were rife. A few months after Thomas Barnardo came to London an outbreak of cholera swept through the East End killing more than 3,000 people and leaving families destitute. Thousands of children slept on the streets and
    many others were forced to beg after being maimed in factories.
    In 1867, Thomas Barnardo set up a ragged school in the East End, where
    poor children could get a basic education. One evening a boy at the
    Mission, Jim Jarvis, took Thomas Barnardo around the East End showing
    him children sleeping on roofs and in gutters. The encounter so affected
    him he decided to devote himself to helping destitute children.
    In 1870, Barnardo opened his first home for boys in Stepney Causeway.
    He regularly went out at night into the slum district to find destitute boys.
    One evening, an 11-year old boy, John Somers (nicknamed 'Carrots') was
    turned away because the shelter was full. He was found dead two days
    later from malnutrition and exposure and from then on the home bore the
    sign 'No Destitute Child Ever Refused Admission'.
    Victorians saw poverty as shameful as a result of laziness or vice.
    However Thomas Barnardo accepted all children and stressed that every
    child deserved the best possible start in life, whatever their background -
    a philosophy that still inspires the charity today.

    Our expertise has been built up over 150 years of working with children and we have evolved this well-established knowledge to respond to contemporary issues faced by families. We are, quite simply, experts in our field.

  • Year established:1867
  • Endowment:Unknown

Board and Executive Names

  • Board Members / Trustees:
  • Rachael Bayley
    Neil Braithwaite
    Hugh Burkitt
    Judy Clements OBE – Chair
    Alexis Cleveland
    Tony Cohen
    Lady Amanda Ellingworth
    Ann Hodgson
    Ruth Laird CBE
    Ian Marshall – Honorary Treasurer
    Sheila Mawer
    Kristine (Kit) Pawson
    Gillian Stewart CB
    Eleanor Williams

  • Executive Director / President:
  • President - HRH Duchess of Cornwall

    Barnardo's Chief Executive - Peter Brook

Staff Names

  • Key Staff:
  • Adele Diviney - Major Donor Manager


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United Kingdom
  • U.K. Charity Commission ID #:216250 / SC037605