Benton West City Economic Development Corporation (Benton, IL)


  • Name:Ms. Jill Dare
  • Title:Grants Coordinator

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  • Organization Name:Benton West City Economic Development Corporation
  • Address:P.O Box 575
    226 North Main Street
    Benton, IL 62812
    United States

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  • Main phone:618-435-3427
  • Main fax:618-956-9331

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  • Mission:
  • A.To coordinate the economic activity of the business community, local governments, and academic institutions;
    B.To promote, advance, and stimulate an appropriate balance between residential development, industry, commerce, business, civic, and agricultural interests;
    C.To promote and to provide for additional capital investment and job creation;
    D.To provide for the organized development and expansion of industry, business, tourism, housing, and agriculture;
    E.To evaluate existing infrastructure and economic support systems such as transportation, education, and labor supply; and facilitate changes and improvements to assure the area's readiness to achieve planned growth objectives;
    F.To emphasize planned growth and development;
    G.To facilitate improved communication and cooperation between groups, which may be involved in or have an interest in business development, marketing, and industry.

  • Overview:
  • Benton-West City Economic Development Corporation was formed in May 1998 as an Illinois Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. Its mission is to achieve and maintain the best economic health of Benton, West City and Franklin County through the retention, expansion, and attraction of commerce and industry which is conducive to an optimal quality of life for its citizens; to facilitate an economic development structure which realizes various opportunities which affect and plan an integral part in promoting such quality of life.

    It is a public-private partnership supported by the City of Benton, Village of West City, The Benton-West City Chamber of Commerce, the Benton Civic and Industrial Association and membership of local businesses and civic leaders.

    The Board of Directors of the Benton-West City EDC is composed of a cross section of community and business leaders. Seventeen members are elected at large and four members are representative of the original founding organizations and key supporters.

    Since its incorporation in 1998, the Benton-West City EDC has been privileged to have such strong and determined leadership working relentlessly for business, industry and the communities.

    Pursuant to Article VI of the by laws, at least one third of the board shall be elected annually.

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  • Country of registration:United States
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