Snodon Preparatory School (Bethlehem, GA)


  • Name:Dr. Chris Wood
  • Title:Principal


  • Organization Name:Snodon Preparatory School
  • Address:54 West Star St.
    Bethlehem, GA 29118
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of the Snodon Preparatory School is to provide a flexible, productive learning environment to ensure our diverse student body receives an exceptional education and become high achieving and responsible citizens.

  • Overview:
  • According to Johns Hopkins University researchers (2004), the image of public high schools providing all youth with equal opportunity to receive a high quality education continues fifty years after Brown vs. the Board of Education. Five southern states—Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas—collectively lead the nation in both total number and level of concentration of high schools with weak promoting power. Promoting Power is an equation that provides an idea of the extent to which students make it to 12th grade. It is a good indicator of graduation and dropout rates (Balfanz 2007) and Snodon Preparatory School (SPS) has weak promoting power.

    To resolve the problem of weak promoting power, low graduation rates and high dropout rates, a substantial amount of local and private foundation resources currently supports a movement to replace large comprehensive high schools with small high schools of typically 300 or fewer students. The hope for the Barrow County School system was that the creation of a new, small high school would provide students with an energized faculty and a higher degree of personalized attention and instruction which, in turn, would lead to substantially greater promoting power, higher student performance, higher graduation rates, and lower dropout rates.

  • History:
  • In 2011, the College and Career Preparatory Academy (CCPA) was established to offer students an alternative to the two large high schools in the county. In 2013, CCPA changed its name to Snodon Preparatory School (SPS) to reflect the area’s history. The Creek Indians named the area of Winder, Georgia, near Bethlehem, Georgia, Snodon.

    SPS’s mission is “to provide a flexible, productive learning environment to ensure our diverse student body receives an exceptional education and become high achieving and responsible citizens.” SPS is a “choice school” with a lower student-to-teacher ratio. It encompasses a non-traditional and individual approach to learning providing students with a get-a-head or catch-up opportunity. SPS offers computer-based courses in addition to traditional coursework and accelerated and early graduation.

    Although not originally the intent, SPS has become the “last resort” for students on the verge of dropping out, or who are otherwise not succeeding in a traditional high school. In 2012, only 28 percent of students graduated. Because of the efforts of a new principal, in 2013 the graduation rate rose to 34.5 percent, a 19 percent increase. Subsequently, the dropout rate in 2012 was 25.5 percent, and in 2013, 23 percent, a 10 percent decrease. However, with the current situation of very limited resources, additional improvement will difficult to accomplish without additional funding sources.

  • Year established:2011
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