Baxter County Alternative School (Mountain Home,, AR)


  • Name:Lynda Roscoe

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  • Organization Name:Baxter County Alternative School
  • Address:312 Bomber Blvd.
    Mountain Home,, AR 72653
    United States

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  • Main phone:870-425-7970
  • Main fax:870-424-2955

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  • Address:312 Bomber Blvd.
    Mountain Home,, AR 72653
    United States

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  • Direct phone:870-425-7970
  • Other fax:870-424-2955

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  • Mission:
  • To assist students to be successful in their academic, vocational and intellectual pursuits by providing an educational setting in a nontraditional environment with a regimen that advances character education, self-paced instruction, behavior management and selfless expression of giving back to their community thereby assisting the students through a mentor relationship, personalized tutoring and individualized goal setting allowing students to achieve their highest potential as they grow to become competent, caring and confident individuals. The Baxter County Alternative Schools creed is

  • History:
  • The Baxter County Alternative School (BCAS) was established to meet the needs of the community by providing supervision and continued education for youth who otherwise would be expelled from public schools, those who are at risk of dropping out of the publich schools, students court-ordered to attend due to non-compliance with mandatory school attendance laws, for credit recovery, or for students to prepare for their General Education Diploma who are at risk of dropping out of public schools for various reasons.

    Due to the reasons students are referred to BCAS, either by the court or the public schools each student enrolled at BCAS is at risk of educational failure, dropping out of school or becoming involved in delinquent activity.

    BCAS was established in January 1996 as a partnership with the area public school districts which allows for the transfer of students who are in need of an alternative learning environment, for a variety of reasons, to our program. This transfer allows the students to keep their credits earned and work toward credit recovery, GED preparation, and/or behavior modification. BCAS is a structured program offering each student the opportunity to learn from past choices and identify goals for the future.

    During the 2005/2006 school year, 135 students passed through the program and to date in the 2006/2007 school year, the number is already 112.

    In addition to academic venues we also incorporate mentoring, tutoring, community service/partnership activities, school to work, job shadowing and aggression replacement training/life skills courses, among others, into our program.

    Over the past ten years, BCAS has proven that students who have experienced problems in the public schools due to behavior issues or excessive absences, or who are involved in the juvenile justice system, can succeed if given the right environment, direction and opportunity.

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  • Endowment:Unknown

Staff Names

  • Key Staff:
  • Director: Cheryl Green
    Administrator: Richard Paul
    GED & Campus Manager: James Roberts
    Teachers: Nan Vaughan, Glenn Clark, Nancy Priest, Garrett Ramsey, Gary Heffley, Teri Martens, Christina Morris, Andrew Gibbs
    Community Outreach Coordinator: Michelle Neubauer
    School-based Counseling Services: Mary Jane Korson, Melinda Fulton, Larry Cantrell, Jeanne Allen and Clay Allen


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  • Country of registration:United States
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  • Tax ID:71-6008786

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