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  • Organization Name:American River Conservancy
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  • Mission:
  • The American River Conservancy serves our community by protecting and enhancing natural habitats where wildlife can flourish. Through education and recreation we promote a broad ethic of stewardship, ensuring healthy ecosystems now and for the future.
    We believe:
    • the protection of open space, biodiversity, and habitat is essential and enhances the beauty and livability of our community for both humans and wildlife.
    • people and the natural world are interdependent and that respect for, and celebration of, the natural world adds to the quality of life
    • in establishing ecological literacy among the youth and adults of our community
    • people’s health and the community’s economic health are dependent on and interlinked with the health of the watershed
    • in operating with integrity, focusing on collaborative relationships among stakeholders, and honoring commitments to partners and volunteers
    • valuing and encouraging diversity in all aspects of our organization

  • Overview:
  • There is no resource more vital to the public health and welfare of California than an adequate and potable water supply. Since its founding in 1989, ARC has focused primarily on keeping our rivers and water supply clean. Maintaining exceptional water quality is essential in the American and Cosumnes Rivers. Together, they deliver over 2.5 million acre-feet of quality water to the State Water Project which serves the San Francisco Bay area, as well as 20 million additional California residents throughout Central and Southern California.

    ARC supporters have helped us leverage $80 million in public grant funds to protect over 13,549 acres of land and river frontage in the American and Cosumnes River watersheds. Every donation and gift made to ARC has kept river-front habitat from being subdivided, developed and polluted. For the past 25 years ARC has protected and enhanced the quality of water flowing from these watersheds through conservation, stewardship and education programs. These programs promote solutions that prevent the environmental degradation of these watersheds and boost public awareness and volunteer participation in conservation efforts.


    The American River Conservancy protects habitat, native fisheries, scenic vistas, and recreation lands within the upper American River and Cosumnes River watersheds. Safeguarding the region’s water supply and protecting riparian corridors is a main focus for the Conservancy. To date ARC has purchased over 77 tracts of land and preserved 13,549 acres. ARC preserved lands feature a wide range of diverse habitats – riparian forests, oak woodlands, mixed conifers, hardwood forests, chaparral, and grasslands – all of which sweep the air of pollutants and excess greenhouse gasses. Healthy forests purify and preserve air quality, while healthy watersheds preserve the quality of water flowing out of our mountains and into our homes.


    Stewardship and habitat restoration are critical aspects of land preservation that improve ecosystem function and health. For the past 25 years, ARC has focused on restoring sensitive habitats and promoting biodiversity on lands in the American and Cosumnes River watersheds. Many of the properties protected by ARC support rare, threatened, and endangered species endemic to this region of California. To date ARC has restored over 200 acres including seasonal wetland, stream bank, oak woodland and breeding pond habitat for the threatened California Red-Legged Frog. In addition, every year ARC volunteers and partners contribute to improving watershed health and reducing human impacts by cleaning up countless tons of trash and debris from local rivers, creeks and lakes. ARC supports low impact recreational use of public lands and encourages people to get outside and connect with nature. To that end, ARC supporters and volunteers have constructed over 27 miles of multi-use recreational trails since 2004.

    Environmental Education

    Since 1989, over 74,000 students have attended at least one of the American River Conservancy’s environmental education programs. Environmental education empowers our society to make decisions that foster sustainability and will prevent people from polluting our air, water, and food. We believe that experiential, place-based learning helps people connect with their local environment. To that end, ARC offers hands-on, standards-based environmental education programs for students at every grade level. Students explore the natural world and retain science concepts. Field trips take place at the American River Nature Center, the Wakamatsu Farm, at school, or on local public lands.

  • History:
  • The American River Conservancy is headquartered at the historic Kane House in Marshall Gold Discovery Park, in Coloma, California. The Nature Center is conveniently located next to the South Fork of the American River and a brief stroll away from where the Gold Rush began and where over 400,000 visitors and more than 70,000 school children visit annually. The focus of the conservation efforts of the American River Conservancy is on the American and Cosumnes River watersheds. Ranging in elevation from a few hundred feet to over 10,000 feet, these watersheds encompass a wide diversity of habitats. The proximity to two major metropolitan areas, Sacramento and San Francisco, allows us to bring nature and experiential environmental education to children growing up in urban and suburban environments that might otherwise never experience the natural outdoors.

    The American River Conservancy’s 2011-2013 Strategic Plan outlines the following overall goals for the organization:

    • All who live here and all who visit understand and value their relationships with the watersheds, the habitat, and the environment. We act together in ways that preserve the beauty of the foothills and protect the natural resources we share.
    • Rivers, tributaries, and upland habitat are healthy and have sufficient size and connectivity to sustain wildlife.
    • The land’s capacity for self-renewal is preserved through long-term management, restoration and community engagement.
    • Given the inherent synergies between habitat for wildlife and land for outdoor recreation, we support low impact recreational use of public lands, where appropriate.
    • ARC is a highly respected, fully supported organization whose mission is widely understood and appreciated by the communities we serve as well as by our partners and visitors to the area.

  • Year established:1989
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