Columbus Municipal School District (Columbus, MS)


  • Name:Jannette Adams
  • Title:Grants and Special Services Coordinator

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  • Organization Name:Columbus Municipal School District
  • Address:2630 McArthur Dr
    PO Box 1308
    Columbus, MS 39703
    United States

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  • Main phone:662 241-7400
  • Main fax:662 241-7453

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  • Mission:
  • Our mission is to provide a quality education for every child.

  • Overview:
  • The Columbus Municipal School District is located in Columbus, MS population 59,779 a 2.9% decline since the 2000 census. (2010 census), in the northeast corner of the state, 45 minutes from the birthplace of Elvis Presley (Tupelo), and centrally located within 2 hours of Birmingham, Al; 4 hours from Atlanta, GA; and 30 miles northeast of Mississippi State University which is the largest public university in the state of Mississippi. Columbus is home to Mississippi University for Women established in 1884 as Columbus Women’s College, the college has undergone several name changes and by court order admitted men in 1982 (Hogan v MUW, et al), and is known for its top-notch nursing and teaching schools and more recently for its culinary arts department, it is recognized nationally as one of the best education bargains in the country.(City of Columbus website) MUW is the nation’s FIRST and oldest public university for women and also Franklin Academy established in 1821 which is the first public school incorporated in Mississippi. (Columbus, Mississippi). Columbus has experienced tremendous growth in the economic development sector over the last 20 years with the acquisition of new industries employers such as Servercor, PACCAR, and American Eurocopter, however education funding has reduced incrementally in correlation to that growth. Loss of funding on the local, state and national levels has presented tremendous challenges to the district in its attempt to educate a predominantly first generation, minority population. (Put in your statistics)
    In a state still struggling from the vestiges of segregation and while towering antebellum homes still line the streets the despair of the population is less that opulent. Mississippi has the highest obesity and literacy rates in the nation. 30% of the adult population is functionally illiterate. (find the stats, add your own).
    One of the challenges to their attempts at educating this diverse population includes the children of Columbus Air Force Base (CAFB) which is a city contained within itself. The air force base children are taught from a department of defense curriculum which places them at a distinct advantage over children in the city and the children in the district cannot pass the military entrance exam for the US Air Force. CAFB trains 1/3 of the nation’s pilots. With more than 3,000 military and civilian employees, the base has a local economic impact of almost $250,000,000 annually. (City of Columbus website)
    To emphasize the importance of literacy development in children one of the nation’s most prolific writers and playwrights was born and reared in Columbus Tennessee Williams of “A Streetcar Named Desire”
    There are five (5) private and religious academies in Columbus along with a Home School Coalition that exceeds 200 students. These options make it difficult for CMSD to maintain its funding as students leave the district for what appears to be a “better quality” education and state funding is contingent upon the number of enrollees and the average daily attendance.

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  • Advisory board size:120
  • Staff size:600


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