Alliance for Affordable Energy (New Orleans, LA)

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  • Organization Name:Alliance for Affordable Energy
  • Address:2372 St. Claude Ave., suite 300A
    New Orleans, LA 70117
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The Alliance for Affordable Energy is a consumer watchdog which advocates for fair, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy policy. Our approach to energy policy making includes a deep understanding of the intervenor process, critical stakeholder relationship building, excellence in technical capacity, and focus on best regulatory practices to protect bill-payers, particularly low-income residents and small locally owned businesses.

  • Overview:
  • Climate and clean energy advocates across the U.S. have expressed sincere pity for those of us who work on these issues in Louisiana, a solidly red state. We usually advise them not to worry too much because we know that Louisianans care deeply about the environment. Our state claims to be the “Fisherman’s Paradise” because of the thousands of miles of beautiful and productive wetlands and coastal waters. In voter polls, Louisianans listed “coastal restoration”, an environmental concern, along with education and the economy as the top three voter issues in the state. Louisiana has been and will continue to be a major player in how these issues are solved or how solutions will be blocked. We want to stress how important it is to include Louisiana in the solution campaign. Much like China, Louisiana is just too powerful to ignore. On the world stage, people point to China as the current driver toward disaster but it is also the country making the most significant investments in clean energy. The Alliance is intent on making Louisiana a contributor to the solution instead of the state that drags the rest of the country off the cliff.

    Louisiana is scarily vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, primarily sea level rise and stronger storms. Hurricane Isaac (2012), a mere Category I storm, caused 80% of Louisiana customers to lose power and New Orleans was without power for an average of 5 days. Entergy reported that Hurricane Isaac was the 2nd worst storm in its history in terms of outages; the first was Hurricane Katrina. The five most destructive hurricanes to hit Louisiana have occurred since 2005. When talking to life-long residents of this region, you begin to understand that the events we are seeing today are highly unusual and worrisome to locals. We believe that the key to bringing residents into the climate solution camp is to link coastal restoration success to mitigating climate change pollution.

    We have a large population of marginalized, low-income families that are consistently challenged economically. Decisions on energy policy are made in large part without the input of the people most affected by those decisions. There is a great need to educate and engage citizens to take part in the democratic process of energy policy-making and let their voices be heard.

  • History:
  • Founded in 1985, the Alliance is a community based non-profit advocating for fair, affordable and environmentally responsible energy policy. Our greatest successes have been the result of tenacious long-range policy campaigns in both of Louisiana’s regulatory agencies, the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) and the New Orleans City Council (NOLA). For over 28 years, we have been the driving force in educating and influencing regulators to initiate dockets for energy efficiency (EE), integrated resource planning (IRP), renewable energy (RE), and consumer protection. As formal intervenors, we have consistently attended technical conferences, submitted written filings, made public comments and organized community, industry, and non-profit allies to support these issues. As a result, most of our policy priorities have come into law.

  • Year established:1985
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