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  • Name:Louisa Trackman
  • Title:Development Officer

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  • Organization Name:ArtCorps
  • Address:240 County Road
    Ipswich, MA 01938
    United States

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  • Main phone:978.998.7996

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  • Mission:
  • ArtCorps believes creativity has a role to play in building a vibrant, just and sustainable world. We train leaders and educators on the frontlines of social and environmental change to harness creativity as a powerful tool for behavior change.

    Since 2000 ArtCorps has strengthened environmental, health and human rights initiatives of over fifty organizations in Central America, providing thousands of creative workshops to train community leaders and educators. As a result, our partners are more creative and therefore better equipped to educate, shift attitudes and behaviors, generate dialogue and mobilize collective action. Partners include large international organizations such as Oxfam, CARE, World Neighbors, Save the Children and Wildlife Conservation Society as well as small grassroots organizations.

  • Overview:
    In a world of strained resources, there is an unlimited, game-changing resource that lies dormant within each person, organization and community. Creativity. It’s the spark that ignites innovation and collaboration, helps us imagine a new way forward and spurs us to take bold action to transform our world.

    Since 2000 ArtCorps has enriched the environmental, health and human rights initiatives of over seventy organizations in Central America with creative tools and strategies for engaging target groups and shifting attitudes and behaviors. In 2012, we compiled our best practices into a dynamic curriculum that we now offer to educators, advocates and organizations around the globe.
    Through our experiential, skills-building Creative Leadership trainings, coaching and flagship Artist in Residence program, we equip changemakers to transform their organizations and communities into innovative ecosystems where social and environmental change flourish. The groups we train:
    • engage in productive dialogue and imaginative thinking
    • deepen and broaden collaborations
    • develop original approaches to solve complex challenges

    Our partners include large international organizations such as Oxfam, CARE, World Neighbors, Save the Children and Wildlife Conservation Society as well as small grassroots organizations, foundations, schools and leadership institutes.

    ArtCorps is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with headquarters in the Boston area and offices in Oakland, CA and Antigua, Guatemala.

    Listen to people in every field and you will hear a call for more participation, collaboration and innovation. We need creative leadership that can engage, empower and translate vision into reality. But where do we find these leaders? Research proves that both creativity and leadership are innate human qualities that can be developed throughout our lives. Creative leaders exist everywhere, and just need guidance and training to nurture their potential. This is where ArtCorps can help.

    Impact We See
    ArtCorps is inspiring groundbreaking solutions and deepening the impact of individuals and organizations by giving wings to their creative capacity. Last year, we trained 24 organizations who are now leveraging creative leadership in their work with over 50,000 stakeholders. From sowing trust and motivation among disengaged groups to achieving meaningful dialogue on divisive topics, our trainees are cracking open old problems and training others to do the same.

    Within three months of attending an intensive workshop:
    • 73% replicated or adapted ArtCorps techniques
    • 67% of our trainees engaged target groups they could not reach before
    • 67% improved communication on key issues
    • 53% began collaborating in new ways

    Our training helps to develop and deepen:
    • Motivation
    • Generative Dialogue
    • Creative Facilitation
    • Team Building
    • Conflict Transformation
    • Divergent/Convergent Thinking
    • Critical Analysis
    • Innovative Problem Solving
    • Systems Thinking
    • Strategic Action Planning

  • History:
  • ArtCorps started as a project of New England Biolabs Foundation (NEBF) in 2000. The brainchild of NEBF's Executive Director, ArtCorps was an experiment to see if arts-based tools could help advance the work environmental and social change organizations. By training these organizations to use creative means of communication, they were able to more effectively spark healthy behavior change in the communities with which they worked. In 2006, ArtCorps became it's own organization.

  • Year established:2006
  • Endowment:Unknown


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  • Staff size:6


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  • Country of registration:United States
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  • Tax ID:20-3995513