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  • Name:Albert Taxonera Amoros

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  • Organization Name:ADTMA - SOS Tartarugas
  • Address:Cultural Cafe
    Santa Maria 4111
    Sal Island
    Cape Verde

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  • Main phone:+2389745020

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  • Mission:
  • Our mission is to protect and conserve the population of Loggerhead turtles that visit every year the coast of Cape Verde. Direct protection is carried on the nesting beaches during the nesting season. However our mission involve the local community and the international visitors that arrive on thousands every year.
    Our activities are: night patrols in the nesting beaches, educational activities in the schools and youth and adult groups, capacity building for local conservationist, employment of local rangers, work with the hotels and tourist, protection of the habitat, media campaigns, support other project with less fundraising capacity.

  • Overview:
  • The archipelago of Cape Verde is well known to be the 2nd largest nesting area for marine turtle Caretta caretta in the Atlantic and the 3rd in the world. The island of Boa Vista is by far the most important nesting site with more than 80% of the total nests in Cape Verde. After that, other islands hold the rest of the population of Loggerhead turtles, being Sal, Maio and Sao Nicolau the most important.

    SOS Tartarugas is a Cape Verdean NGO that has been protecting turtles in the island of Sal since 2008, reducing the mortality in 70% only the first year. Education and community involvement are, in conjunction with direct protection, the strategy pillars for the project. Also, the collaboration with other islands has been a main goal that SOS Tartarugas achieve training and sending equipment plus other material.

  • History:
  • Cape Verde holds the 3rd world biggest population of nesting Loggerhead turtles, an endangered specie listed as threatened by the IUCN Red List. This population it is also listed as one of the 11 most threatened population of marine turtles of the world by the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group.
    Historically, the nesting females have been hunted for the meat and the eggs, drastically decimating the population. Some studies warmed that the local population of nesting Loggerheads of Sal Island would get extinct by 2015 if nothing was done.
    Nowadays, another big threat is the loss habitat due to tourism development along the shoreline of Sal. Sand removal, driving on the dunes/beach, predation by stray dogs, rubbish on the beach, light pollution and an increase use of the beach are the daily problems the turtles have to face.

  • Year established:2008
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