Albright College and 13th and Union Elementary School Partnership (Reading, PA)

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  • Mission:
  • Albright College and 13th and Union Elementary School aspire to set a positive example of a Professional Development School relationship and include all departments of the College. To this end, the students will have the opportunity to build relationships, practice new skills, be inspired by interaction between the two schools and explore new learning opportunities. Our goal is to provide equal opportunity for growth on both sides of 13th Street to elementary and college students and faculties alike.
    Overseeing all activities is the Albright College and 13th and Union Council which seeks to strengthen and oversee the relationship. The Council is made up of faculty and staff from both institutions and parents.

    The mission of Albright College is “to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.”

  • Overview:
  • Albright College and 13th and Union Elementary School face each other across 13th Street in Reading, PA. Since 2004, 13th and Union Elementary School has been the Professional Development School for Albright College’s Education Department. 13th and Union benefits from the expertise of the College’s Education Faculty, who assist with teacher professional development and best practices, and from the efforts of Albright undergraduates, who assist teachers in exchange for real-world experience in an urban classroom. The two schools have collaborated on numerous initiatives, including a strong tutoring program in which College students provide mentoring and tutoring services to the children at the school; continual placement of several student teachers in the school, both for early field experience and professional semesters; obesity programming and access to Albright’s fitness center; and regular visits to the Freedman Gallery for art education and art-making workshops. Many Albright teachers remember the training they received from the various classrooms at the elementary school.
    In 2012, Albright College sought to expand the partnership. With funding from the Wyomissing Foundation, the College and Elementary School were able to hire a coordinator and involve other departments at the College. Professors and teachers alike join in projects that involve students from both schools to extend their learning, provide tutoring and enhance their cultures through interaction of age groups. These include the establishment of a campus environmental center where school children will be able to do field study and Albright students will be able to assist with instruction and experimentation, an art and garden program where second graders will meet an artist and build a terrarium biome, and iPads in a kindergarten classroom. With the iPads, the students are able to practice reading and math skills through interaction with online educational games. The grant has also permitted the school to open a Homework Center for students who have English as a second language. With the help of various funding sources, the partnership continues to grow and expand.

    Albright College is very proud of its heritage of offering a mixture of both traditional liberal arts and strong pre‐professional programs, and they take pride in their strong commitment to equitable access, welcoming students of limited means and all racial and socio‐economic backgrounds. Currently, 90 percent of their students receive need‐based aid in order to attend Albright. They boast a diversity rate of over 32 percent, as well as a high number of first‐generation students, estimated to be well over 25 percent.

    Albright College strives to create opportunities for learning engagement outside the classroom—on the athletic field, in residence halls or serving the community. Responding to a wide array of enriching experiences, our students realize abilities they never knew they had and achieve goals they never dreamed possible.

    Albright College and 13th and Union share a unique history with three other schools on 13th Street in Reading, PA. 13th Street is the only street where a person can go from Pre-Kindergarten to College on one street. Long known at Albright as the "13th Street Gang" these students have only attended schools on this unique street. In recognition of these students, Albright College offers scholarships to students who have attended elementary, middle and high school on 13th Street.

  • History:
  • The oldest institution of higher learning in Berks County, Albright College is located on a picturesque, 118‐acre campus in Reading, Pennsylvania, a city of 88,000, sixty miles west of Philadelphia. Albright is an independent, nationally ranked, residential college offering a rigorous liberal arts education with an interdisciplinary focus. On average, the institution has enrolled approximately 1,600 undergraduates in traditional programs, 615 adult students in accelerated degree programs, and 70 in the master’s program in education. Over half of Albright students graduate with interdisciplinary majors.

    To cultivate each student individually, the College maintains a 12:1 student‐to‐faculty ratio in its day program. As dedicated teacher‐scholars, Albright faculty members display a passion for working with students, as evidenced by our students’ achievements. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the institution is governed by a 34‐member Board of Trustees with its operating budget funded primarily through tuition and fees.

    The College dates its beginning to the founding of Union Seminary in 1856. The present Albright College was formed by a series of mergers with other institutions of higher learning founded in the 19th century by the Evangelical Association and the United Evangelical Church. Union and Schuylkill Seminaries were not theological seminaries, but were three-year collegiate institutes.
    Albright Collegiate Institute was founded in 1895 and became Albright College in 1898. Union Seminary, founded in 1856 and re-chartered as Central Pennsylvania College in 1887, merged with Albright College in 1902. Schuylkill Seminary, founded in 1881, became Schuylkill College in 1923 and merged with Albright College in 1929. With the merger, Albright moved from its campus in Myerstown, Pa., to Schuylkill College’s location on the present Albright campus.
    Jacob Albright, after whom the College is named, was a Pennsylvania German evangelical preacher and the founder of the Evangelical Association (later the Evangelical United Brethren Church). He was born in 1759 as Johannes Jacob Albrecht. His family changed their name to Albright after his death in 1808.
    The Evangelical Association was a German-speaking denomination with beliefs similar to those of the Methodist Church. “The Life and Times of Jacob Albright” by Kenneth R. Good ’47 tells the story of Jacob Albright.

    The College's rigorous liberal arts curriculum has an interdisciplinary focus. Albright’s hallmarks are connecting fields of learning, collaborative teaching and learning, and a flexible curriculum that allows students to create an individualized education. Fully half of Albright students have concentrations that combine two or three fields of learning.

    The Albright College and 13th and Union Elementary School Partnership began in 2004 as a Professional Development School relationship. This collaboration was funded by the state and had goals drawn up the state. However, after three or four years, the state unfunded the mandate and many relationships dissolved. However, through tenacity and dedicated staff members, the Partnership continued. In 2012, the Partnership sought funding from the Wyomissing Foundation to continue and expand the Partnership. The Foundation awarded the Partnership $100,000 for two years. The expanded Partnership sought to involve all departments at the College to work with many aspects of the school. Instead of only the Education Department, the Partnership now works with the Psychology, Art, Science and Sociology Departments and continues to grow. In 2014, the Wyomissing Foundation awarded a second grant of $70,000 to continue the position of Coordinator,

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