Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc. (London, ON)


  • Name:Teri MacCuspey
  • Title:Program Manager

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc.
  • Address:371 Princess Ave.
    252 Delaware Street, Parkhill, ON
    London, ON N6B 2A7

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  • Main phone:1-519-294-6238
  • Main fax:1-519-294-6554

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  • Mission:
  • Mission: To provide a safe and inclusive environment that inspires individuals to realize their own potential resulting in a resilient and vibrant community.

    Vision: Celebrating an empowered and cohesive community

    Values: Embrace Change, Mindful Choices, Respect Other, Respect the Enviroment, Respect Yourself, Respect the Communityu, Include All, Recognize Individual potential, Outcome Driven, Be Accountable, Integration, Build Strong Relationships, Smile.

  • Overview:
  • Who We Are:
    Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence has and continues to serve young women between the ages of 12 to 18 years. We have historically served the high needs, low prognosis girl, who has not been successful in less intrusive placements such as: foster care; group home care, semi-independent living arrangements, etc.
    Often the youth placed at APR present a range of issues. Examples of the issues are: Mental Health Diagnosis
    Concurrent Disorders (mental health diagnosis and addiction issues)
    Trauma history of sexual, verbal and physical abuse
    Externalizing Behaviours – physical and relational aggression
    Internalizing Behaviours – self-harming and suicidal ideations
    Involvement with the Justice System (probations)
    School Resistance
    Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence offers support to girl’s 12 to 17 years of age, up to their 18th birthday. Historically, girls with high needs and low prognosis for success have been served. The youth would have unsuccessfully attempted less intrusive types of intervention such as: foster care; group home care, semi-independent living arrangements.
    APR is located in Parkhill, which is a small town north of London. The physical layout of the building provides an excellent deterrent for high-risk “street” youth who have a history of both aggressive and running behaviours. The physical building structure has three apartment type settings with three client bedrooms and a lounge area in each apartment. Each apartment is equipped with complete washroom facilities, washing machine and dryer, as well as a living and kitchenette area. A fourth unit with two bedrooms, bathroom and living room area was added in 2006.
    All Program Managers and Direct Care Workers receive training in Cognitive Behavioural Counselling, Adolescent Suicide Prevention and Intervention, First Aid Training, Medication Training, Crisis Intervention, Preventing and Managing Aggressive Behaviour, Diversity and Anti-Oppression Training, WHMIS and Workplace Violence and Harassment.
    The staff team focuses on building meaningful relationships with the girls, teaching and role-modelling caring habits. As well the youth are taught how to evaluate their behaviour choices developing skills and traits that will lead to permanent internalised change. Youth Workers act as coaches/advocates for the youth and assist them to learn to self-evaluate and become aware
    of their choices. We teach youth to set goals and experience success through small and positive steps whenever possible. Where success does not occur, Youth Workers help the youth to search for or examine more effective methods that they may be able to choose in future situations.
    Youth participate in daily programming with a pro-social community activity focus. The program also includes, credit recovery and achievement at the on-site W.D. Sutton School, life skills development and volunteerism. Programming also includes emphasis on social skills development understanding, internalizing and applying relationship building skills, understanding self, strategies to successful life experience, applying learning and skills gained at APR to their personal and community life. Individual strength therapeutic based plans are developed with youth input and reviewed monthly with the important people in the young persons life.

  • History:
  • Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc. began in 1959 and was incorporated in 1961 as Parkhill Girls’ Home. It has provided residential treatment services for adolescent girls since that date. It is a not-for-profit, charitable agency operated by a community board. In 2006 the Girls’ Home changed the name to Anago-Parkhill Therapeutic Care Residence.
    In 1982, Anago began providing long-term residential supports to persons with developmental challenges and in 1985 began the open detention service for Phase 1 young offenders in London and Middlesex.
    The client profile illustrates the focus that this agency has always had. In each area of operation, we have committed to working with person with special or complex needs. As a result, our services are some of the most intensive in the community.

  • Year established:1959
  • Endowment:Unknown

Board and Executive Names

  • Board Members / Trustees:
  • -Scott Porter
    -Ray Won
    -Dr. Martin Cooke
    -Linda Armstrong
    -Ken Steeves
    -Mike Hamilton
    -Robb MacDonald
    -Candace Miller

  • Executive Director / President:
  • Mandy Bennett (Exective Director)

Staff Names

  • Key Staff:
  • -Teri MacCuspey (Program Manager)
    -Jolene Aarts (Program Manager)
    -Amanda Vander Vloet
    (Primary Worker)
    Karelyn Renneboog (Primary Worker)


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Canada
  • CRA type:Charitable
  • Canada Business or Reg #:119080422RR0001