Action des Chrétiens Activistes des Droits de l'Homme à Shabunda (Bukavu, NA)


  • Name:Descartes MPONGE MALASI
  • Title:Executive Director

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  • Organization Name:Action des Chrétiens Activistes des Droits de l'Homme à Shabunda
  • Address:121 bis, Avenue PE Lumumba, Ibanda
    Bukavu, NA 00243
    South Kivu
    Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

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  • Main phone:+243812124090

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of the structure is to promote respect for human rights and sustainable management of natural resources as sources of real improvement in the living conditions of indigenous peoples and local communities.

    It is for this reason that this structure is working for 13 years to achieve the following objectives:
    1. To promote human rights and justice;
    2. To promote governance and transparency in the management of public affairs in general and in the natural resource extraction sector in particular;
    3. Promote local development based on the sustainable management of natural resources and respect for customary rights and practices of indigenous peoples and local communities;
    4. To promote the protection of biodiversity and forest ecosystems.

  • Overview:
  • ACADHOSHA is one of the organizations of Congolese civil society specialized in the field of human rights, democracy, justice and governance of natural resources that the target beneficiaries of the actions are diverse.

    ACADHOSHA develops its activities in the following areas:
    1. Human Rights
    2. Justice
    3. Peace and Security
    4. Natural Resources: Mining, Forestry
    5. Environment, Natural Resources and Transparency;
    6. Local Sustainable Development and Green Economy
    7. Institutional Strengthening

    ACADHOSHA has experience in monitoring prison conditions, administrative and legal support for local communities whose rights are affected by the exploitation of natural resources or a police policy conservation. It is specialized on issues of fight against sexual violence, issues of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, the issue of justice and local development.

    ACADHOSHA has four bodies for the proper functioning of the structure: the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Control Committee and the Executive Secretariat.

    Decisions within the first three parts are taken by consensus.

    However, within the Executive Secretariat is responsible for the daily management of the organization, decisions are guided by the procedures manual and administrative, logistical and financial management of the organization that tracks the job description of each host and their professional relationships.

    ACADHOSHA has two categories of staff. There is a paid staff and volunteer staff. In terms of availability, there is a full-time staff and part-time staff.

    Its main sources of funding are: regular and special membership fees, fees from services rendered to third parties, grants from the following organizations: American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, CORDAID, Avocats Sans Frontières Belgium, United Nations Voluntary Found for Victims of Torture, Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights - KIOS Network on Natural Resources Fund Global Human Rights...

  • History:
  • ACADHOSHA NGO was established on 25th December 2001 by a team of five lawyers after a meeting in which the evaluation of the dramatic situation of human rights in Shabunda was made and where several violations of human rights were passed over in silence in that territory yet covers an area of 1/3 of the province of South Kivu, where there was no human rights organization.

    However that although the Shabunda is the site where ACADHOSHA was created , it is worth noting that the performance of the field and the stress of populations of other parts dictated the expansion of the field of intervention structure to the extent that the structure is now developing its activities in several parts of the DRC. ACADHOSHA is an NGO at national vocation which has , since May 19, 2011 , the Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

  • Year established:2001
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
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