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  • Mission:
  • The mission of the Bristol Board of Education is to maintain a safe and secure learning environment that provides all students with the necessary knowledge and skills to complete high school, college, other post high school education or training. The mission of the Bristol Adult Education Center (BAEC) is to offer the programs necessary to provide the adults in Bristol and its surrounding communities a second chance to learn, succeed and improve their lives. It is crucial that adult learners have the opportunity to acquire the skills they need for postsecondary success as these opportunities lead to better jobs and lives not only for the adult learner but for their entire family. The BAEC accomplishes this mission by offering three free alternatives to complete a high school education, the Credit Diploma Program, the National External Credit Diploma program and the GED Test Preparation Program. They also offer a Transition Program with Tunxis Community College. Ther

  • Overview:
  • The BAEC educators and the skilled employees at Rowley will collaborate to develop a Specialized Manufacturing Curriculum (SMC) that encompasses the academic background and skill set needed for an entry level manufacturing job. The educators at BAEC will review technical manuals and similar curriculums to familiarize themselves with the specific knowledge base needed to develop the SMC. They will then work with the representatives from Rowley to target areas of academic focus, write lessons, set objectives, construct timelines and link pre/post assessments (in addition to passing the GED) to requirements and skills necessary for the workplace and validate the Skills in Manufacturing Certificate. The teachers will also participate in workshops on the manufacturing floor to access how to link academic lessons to actual tasks. The curriculum will include, computer applications, introduction to CAD, blueprint reading, introduction to lean manufacturing, manufacturing math, metrology, materials tool and gage design and workplace expectations. The training at Rowley would focus on basic machines and benchwork. During the summer of 2014 the program will be marketed and prospective students will go through a tour and Q&A at Rowley, fill out an application, and participate in an interview. Participants are required to obtain a predetermined score on a GED pre-test to confirm they have the academic competencies to successfully complete the program in one year. Students will attend class 4 days per week that include their GED and SMC classes and hands-on internship at Rowley. Students will have intense support from both sectors. Upon completion, participants will have the knowledge, workplace experience, skills and competencies necessary to obtain an entry level job in the manufacturing sector.
    The program will involve the development of the curriculum and training modules Students will follow the BAEC calendar and cancellation policy. The following is a tentative schedule:
    June-July: BAEC staff and Rowley employees will collaborate to create the specialized manufacturing curriculum, assessments and hand’s on learning internship and schedule.
    July-August: Marketing and media push of the program. Publication in the BAEC program booklet. Posted on the Board of Education’s, NESMA’s and the Chamber’s webpage. A press release will be distributed. Local community non-profits will be given information and flyers to share with clients.
    August: Interested students will take a tour of the facilities & attend an information session, fill out an application, participate in an interview and take assessment tests in reading, writing & math skills. Participants will be chosen and there will be an orientation program. Participants will sign a contract outlining the requirements for the program.
    September –June: Classes begin. 30-week program held Monday - Thursday from 1:00 -6:30 p.m. Students attend a 3-hour GED/SMC class after which go to Rowley for 2 hands-on learning hours with a 30 minute break. This is a tentative breakdown of the total hours of instruction & hands-on learning students will complete in both semesters:
    • 220 hours – GED classes
    • 240 hours – Hands-on learning at Rowley: basic machines, basic benchwork and materials, metrology, tool and gage applications
    • 140 hours – specialized manufacturing class
    Hours Concentration
    20 Manufacturing Math
    10 Computer Applications
    24 Metrology
    22 Intro to Blueprint Reading
    10 Intro to CAD
    10 Intro to Lean Manufacturing
    10 Manufacturing Concepts, Safety and Work Expectations
    20 Materials, Tool & Gage Design

  • History:
  • Over 100 manufacturing companies are located in Bristol CT and its surrounding communities. Most of these companies have been in existence for decades and have deep roots in the area. CT manufacturers contribute more than $25 billion to the gross state product. These companies, in order to continue to prosper, need a skilled labor force to replace their aging skilled-employee base. According to the CT Department of Labor, these positions average over $1,000 per week. While certificate programs are now available through some community colleges, technical schools as well as for-profit colleges, there are no currently no programs that focus on training workers for the positions that are needed for local businesses to continue to survive and thrive from adult education centers. The Adult Education Diploma and Certification (AEDAC) program designs and establishes a GED/Skills in Manufacturing Certificate Program open to adult learners at the Bristol Adult Education Center (BAEC). This free program is a partnership between BAEC and Rowley Spring and Stamping which are located in the same building. This scenario creates a perfect logistical and collaborative setting of academics and hands-on training facilities to create a strong and successful program. Often too many players in a project make it cumbersome and create a situation where it never moves forward. This program would target 8-10 adult learners who are currently homeless, unemployed or underemployed. The program would be comprised of three components, GED Preparation, a targeted manufacturing competencies class and hands-on training at Rowley. BAEC certified teachers and skilled workers from Rowley would collaborate to design and write the specialized curriculum. This program provides participants with the opportunity to get their GED as well as train them to be qualified to fill the employment gap in the manufacturing industry from a demographic that is currently unemployed or underemployed. This program could become a model that can be utilized by other adult education centers.
    BAEC is the regional location for multiple programs necessary to provide the adults in Bristol and its surrounding communities a second chance to learn, succeed and improve their lives. They also provide access to a high school diploma for those high school students who for various reasons do not succeed in the traditional 4-year high school environment. BAEC is equipped with the technology necessary to accommodate all of its programs and classes. The GED test is currently an on-line program and requires students have access to the technology necessary to complete the program. BEAC also offers computer classes aimed at developing current skills needed in the workplace. Bristol is a city of 63,000 residents with pockets of poverty throughout the city. BEAC has other satellite locations to meet the need of the community. One of the BEAC satellite locations is located in subsidized housing run by the Bristol Housing Authority was currently outfitted with computers through a grant to allow GED an ESL classes to be held on site. GED and ESL classes are currently also offered at two other locations in the city. Rowley has been a local family-owned business since 1954 and housed in the same building as BAEC. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified which is a testament to their dedication to quality. They are committed to working with the community to ensure positive growth and are willing to utilize their employees’ experience, knowledge and teamwork skills and their equipment to train workers who will be successful and support sustainability in all levels of the industry. Rowley has the capability and machinery to manufacture a variety of spring products. Rowley specializes in the stamping manufacturing process, wire-form manufacturing and supports the printed circuit board industry. Their equipment, progressive die and metal stamping, four-slide or multi-slide stamping, and CNC machines provide the equipment necessary for the hands-on training component of this program.

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