Catch22 Swindon (Swindon, )


  • Name:Joanna Ridley

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  • Organization Name:Catch22 Swindon
  • Address:1 Charnwood Court
    Newport Street
    Swindon SN1 3DX
    United Kingdom

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  • Main phone:01793 521332

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  • Mission:
  • A forward-looking social business, Catch22 has more than 200 years’ experience of providing services that help young people turn their lives around.

    We work with troubled and vulnerable young people, helping them to steer clear of crime or substance misuse, do the best they can in education or employment, and play a full part in their family or community.

    Our goal is to deliver social benefit by turning around chaotic lives.

  • Overview:
  • Our strategy has four key pillars:
    - young people and family support
    - offender rehabilitation
    - employability
    - education

    We are expanding our specialist support for young people most at risk of school exclusion and are increasing our work to enable young people in tough situations to gain skills and access opportunities that help them on their path to adult life.

    In Swindon we work primarily with anxious teenagers who have not coped well in mainstream education settings. We provide accredited learning, social skills development, pastoral care and confidence building, alongside targeted work experience opportunities. Many of our young people come to us having withdrawn from education due to bullying, family crisis, and wider mental health issues and/or alcohol and drug use within the family. After their time with us, many are able to go onto college and/or into employment.

  • History:
  • Catch22 was formed in 2008 from a merger between the Rainer Foundation and Crime Concern. The Rainer Foundation began as the London Police Court Mission in 1876 and became the Rainer Foundation in 1964.

    The earliest roots of Catch22, however, go back to 1788 and the formation of the Philanthropic Society, which joined the Rainer Foundation in 1997 to form RPS Rainer. Crime Concern then joined them in 2008 to form Catch22

  • Year established:2008
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United Kingdom
  • U.K. Charity Commission ID #:1124127