ACRES Land Trust (Huntertown, IN)

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  • Organization Name:ACRES Land Trust
  • Address:PO Box 665
    Huntertown, IN 46748-0665
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • ACRES mission is to protect natural areas. We accomplish this by creating and maintaining nature preserves. We also educate communities on the importance of natural areas and their preservation; promote the knowledge and appreciation of natural areas as living museums; develop scientific, educational, and public recreation use of natural areas; and cooperate with and encourage others organizations and individuals in carrying out our mission.

  • Overview:
  • ACRES is dedicated to preserving land in northeast Indiana, southeast lower Michigan, and northwest Ohio. ACRES owns and manages 5,724 acres of land and 72 miles of trail spread across 94 nature preserves. 58 of these preserves are open to the public at no charge, from dawn to dusk year-round, where visitors enjoy hiking, photography, bird-watching, and scientific study. We are a membership-based organization with approximately 1,400 individual, family, and corporate members.

    ACRES acquires properties and categorizes them within three property types. Nature preserves are created to protect significant natural areas. ACRES permanently protects it nature preserves by guaranteeing to never develop or transfer them. Nature preserves often contain unique natural features or rare, threatened, or endangered species, and will never be down-graded into a protected lands or investment property.

    Protected lands are areas worthy of preservation for reasons other than their natural features. Protected lands are also given protection against development or transfer - ACRES' name will always remain on the deed. Typical protected land uses include agricultural, managed forests / tree farms, recreational areas, and hunting or fishing properties. A protected lands may be reclassified as a nature preserve, but will never be an investment property.

    Investment properties are offered no protection and are intended to be sold by ACRES for finanical gain. We will consider any type of land for use as investment property.

    ACRES incorporates industry-standard land management practices. It is our intent to maintain the trails with as little human intervention as possible. Prescribed burns, non-native species removal, and native plantings are all part of our annual plan of work. Each nature preserve has its own preserve management plan, which provides a snapshot of the property when it was acquired by ACRES, and a plan for managing the land indefinitely. We partner with biologists, geologists, hydrologists, a variety of other scientists, as well as college interns to create, maintain, and execute these preserve management plans.

  • History:
  • Founded in 1960, ACRES is the oldest and largest local land trust in Indiana. At that time, our area experienced a large boom in development. Twelve individuals were concerned about the loss of natural areas, and wanted to make sure there was a balance between development and green space. They pooled their resources and began Allen County Reserves. The organization was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in March 1960, and the founding board members decided at that time that the group would forever be a membership-based organization. The first property acquired was in Noble County, forcing the group to reconsider the organization's name. They took the first letters of Allen County Reserves and created what is now ACRES.

  • Year established:1960
  • Endowment:Unknown


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