Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (Bronx, NY)


  • Name:Dart Westphal
  • Title:Board Member

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  • Organization Name:Bronx Council for Environmental Quality
  • Address:3805 Orloff Avenue
    Bronx, NY 10463
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The Bronx Council for Environmental Quality seeks to establish — as an Inherent Human Right — a sound, forward-looking environmental policy regarding an aesthetic, unpolluted, environment protecting a natural and historic heritage.
    Implicit in this Statement of Purpose is a concern for:
    Intelligent land use. Development and implementation of good urban designs relevant to improving Quality of Life and the human condition.

    Increasing open spaces. Showing respect for the natural topography

    Waste management programs to reduce pollution and conserve resources.

    Monitoring and periodic checking of new factors introduced into the environment [often before found safe] by responsible agencies (e.g., Food and Drug Administration).

    Preservation of our natural park land, shore lines and waterways, natural resources, historic sites and landmarks.

    Keeping the environment free from further construction, refuse dumping, littering, landfilling, and all other forms of encroachment.

  • Overview:
  • The Bronx Council for Environmental Quality, (BCEQ) is a non-profit 501(c)3 membership organization located in NYC’s only mainland borough — The Bronx. We are a diverse collection of individuals all seeking to leave our great grandchildren better air, land, and water quality than we have at present.

    We are teachers, community activists, health professionals — environmentalists. Let us introduce ourselves.

    We promote clean air and water.
    We are against habitat destruction.
    We believe in preserving nature.
    We think globally and act locally.
    We hold symposia, tree plantings, restoration activities, beach clean ups, and much more!

    Our issues are your issues! We are concerned with the same environmental problems that concern you! Please click on Contact Us to suggest Agenda Items that should be discussed by our Directors at our next monthly Board Meeting.

    Toxic Waste Clean Up
    Clean Water Maintenance
    Waste Treatment
    Watershed Planning
    Improved Coastal Management
    Solid Waste Management
    Wetland Restoration
    Restoration Of Parklands And Greenways

  • History:
  • Accomplishments

    Since 1971, the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality (BCEQ) has been in the forefront of battles to protect The Bronx Ecology. Formed by many socially conscious people, it was founded by Theresa Lato, who believed networking and local community exchanges would accomplish her goal for our borough and create “an aesthetic and unpolluted environment, with a natural and historic heritage.”

    For the most part, BCEQ believes it is not important to get all the glory as long as the good work is accomplished. However, if you ask anyone, BCEQ was behind the successful accomplishment of the following.

    Starting with the BRONX GREENWAY . . . The Greenway that runs through the Bronx enabling people to walk, bike or jog from Westchester to Manhattan. We developed the concept of connecting all the parkland and trailway in the Bronx, and toward that end, we have become involved in many connecting parts.

    . . . From PELHAM BAY PARK Landfill – The dismissal of the proposed plan to form six landfills in Pelham Bay Park. (One landfill was created). Our constant vigilant stand on the clean-up of the existing landfill – it turned into an ecological nightmare.

    . . . . Bartow Pell Mansion – Planting 900 trees at Bartow Pell Mansion in April of 1992 commemorated the 20 year anniversary of Earth Day.

    To THROGGS NECK Palmer Inlet – The clean-up of Palmer Inlet Ferry Point Park – Creating accessibility at the proposed golf course in Ferry Point Park for citizens to bike, jog or walk through the area.

    From COOP CITY Givan’s Creek Woods – The designation of Givan’s Creek Woods as parkland. A valuable piece of parkland just outside of Co-Op City. Slated for development, BCEQer Jorge Santiago, fought for this “lot” because of its under ground water ways and its natural habitat.

    . . . . Gun Hill Road Bus Depot Ballfield – The “outing” of the ballfield at Gun Hill Road where the MTA built a bus depot. It was discovered that the area was once a dumping ground for toxic waste

    To THE BRONX RIVER Instrumental in forming the Bronx River Alliance. Many BCEQ members have taken leadership roles in identifying the problems and potential solutions.

    From SETON FALLS PARK Seton Falls – Along with the Seton Falls Park Community Association, we worked toward . . . . parks and recreation, as well as educational aspects.

    . . . Hexagon Plant – Based on a complaint from members of the community, we commented on the Clean up of this Superfund Site on the edge of the Hutchinson River

    From THE BRONX RIVER PARKWAY Clean up of the Botanical Garden and Wildlife Conservation Society impact on the river.

    . . . . Through MOSHOLU PARKWAY

    To THE HENRY HUDSON SCENIC PARKWAY Working with the Riverdale Nature Preservancy to capture the water along the parkway, and to enhance the landscape.

    To the HUDSON RIVER GREENWAY Participated in creating and identifying the pathway from Yonkers to Manhattan that resulted in Legislation.

    To VAN CORTLANDT PARK Conrail – The acquisition of a piece of land in Van Cortlandt Park that was originally owned by Conrail but is now a piece of NYC parkland.

    From the Annual SpeakUp – Begun in 1995, we bring together Neighborhood Park Groups to network, share experiences and successs.

    To the Annual Water Conference – Celebrating the Clean Water Act by looking at the Harlem River and engaging stakeholders to work together.

    Future goals include: Keeping a valuable 5-acre wetland on City Island from habitat destruction. Keep our water clean by using rails to move sludge. Clean water at the point of source and not with the aid of filtration plants. Encouraging recycling to limit Solid Waste . . . .

  • Year established:1971
  • Endowment:Unknown


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