9/11 Spirit of America Memorial (Cashmere, WA)


  • Name:Jenny Cravens
  • Title:volunteer


  • Organization Name:9/11 Spirit of America Memorial
  • Address:c/o City of Cashmere
    101 Woodring Street
    Cashmere, WA 98815
    United States
  • County:Chelan

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  • Mission:
  • In June of 2014, the City of Cashmere was awarded The Spirit of America Memorial, a life-size bronze statue that pays tribute to our nation's united and phoenix-like response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The statue, which cost $40,000 to create and has been valued at over $80,000, was won because Cashmere, like our region as a whole, is not just an ideal location for the memorial but it also steadily demonstrates a proud and patriotic culture that can be both seen and felt by anyone walking its flag-lined main street or attending its Memorial and Veteran's Day Ceremonies.

    Now, as the life-time stewards of this meaningful memorial, Cashmere is raising the funds to install the statue in time for a grand dedication ceremony on September 11, 2015. Additionally, once construction is complete, the Cashmere 9/11 Spirit of America Committee, a committee of the City of Cashmere, will move on to Phase II of our stewardship which will involve a dedicated interpretive center.

  • Overview:
  • Our organization has successfully secured the memorial for Chelan County. It will raise the necessary funds to install the bronze sculpture in a beautiful and accessible location, just off Highway 2 in Cashmere, with a dedication planned for September 11, 2015 (and ceremonies every year after that).

    We now seek funds to implement Phase II for the Memorial, which will be to develop an inspirational interpretive center, with creative and moving materials that ensure the meaning and significance of September 11, especially the strong, positive and united response our nation's citizens demonstrated on that day is not forgotten.

    This memorial is unique in that it's very existence provides an important cultural story of both our state and our local communities and the coming together of ordinary citizens with a goal of making something meaningful and extraordinary come to life.

    It is imperative that that story be told, which will require creative, artistic skill in curating interpretive material for the memorial.

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