Activists Networking Against the Exploitation of Children (Simonstown, )


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  • Organization Name:Activists Networking Against the Exploitation of Children
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    Simonstown 7995
    Western Cape
    South Africa

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  • Mission:
  • To protect children from exploitation by strengthening communities through –
    1. Developmental needs based programs for children, youth and families in vulnerable communities.
    2. Preventative and responsive training and awareness raising on different forms of exploitation.

  • Overview:
  • Anex (Activists Networking Against the Exploitation of Children) is a children’s organisation advocating for the end to all forms of abuse and exploitation of children. The scope of Anex’s work involves counter-trafficking, anti-child labour and youth development. Despite the diversity of the scope, all its programmes are linked to the eradication of all forms of the enslavement of children. The vision of the organisation is to envision a society which protects the rights of children and combats their exploitation.

    Child labour and exploitation exists in many countries in the world, including South Africa. The silence about the issue makes it more difficult to combat. Child labour is defined by the national Child Labour Programme as ‘work by children under 18 which is exploitative, hazardous or otherwise inappropriate for their age, detrimental to their schooling, or their social, physical, mental, spiritual or moral development’.

    South Africa has a raft of legislative and policy instruments which protect children. These include the Children’s Act of 2005, the Child Justice Act of 2008, the Sexual Offences Act of 2007 and the Births, Deaths and Registration Act of 1992. The legislation protects the person and dignity of children but despite this Crime Statistics released in 2010 reveal that attempted murder against children rose from 782 to 113 . A 2012 report on trafficking shelters in Atlantis in the Western Cape reports that their figures in aiding victims has increased from 16 in 2010, to 67 in 2013 . The Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) Child Protection Code of Conduct states that there are between 38 000 and 40 000 child prostitutes in South Africa and that more than 250 000 South African children live on the streets. While no definitive figures are available to show how many children are trafficked and exploited, statistics show that an average of 1 500 children go missing in South Africa every year .

  • History:
  • Activists Networking against the Exploitation of Children (Anex) is a children’s rights non-profit organization which concentrates its efforts on a number of related and inter-linked project areas, intended to both prevent trafficking in children and child labour and enhance the response from role-players to trafficking.

    Anex CDW (Child domestic work) arose after a research report was produced on Child Domestic Workers, between Terre des Homes Schweiz (who financed the study) and Karin Koen, the researcher, in 2001. The research report set out the state of domestic workers being recruited from rural to urban areas in the Western Cape. The research report indicated that children, mainly girls, aged between 15 and 18 were being recruited into domestic service.

    Anex CDW was at first an informal get-together of artists and activists – Sonja Matheson, Cathy Patel, Gabrielle le Roux, Kali van der Merwe and Andrea Dondolo, using art as an awareness raising tool with regards to the issue of child domestic work. Paintings and drawings were completed of domestic workers in the Athlone area and these were used as part of the advocacy message, discouraging children from being used as domestic worker.

    The work of Anex within the field of human trafficking was prompted by the correlation between the exploitation of child domestic work and in-country trafficking of persons, especially children.

  • Year established:2003
  • Endowment:Unknown


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