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  • Name:Mareshah Olzeski
  • Title:Executive Director

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  • Organization Name:By The Missions, Inc
  • Address:4961 Sundance Dr
    Independence, KY 41051
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  • Main phone:+1(859)2500161

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  • Mission:
  • The mission statement for By The Way is:To educate, equip and inspire a new generation to break free from the cycle of poverty.For this reason, we were compelled to develop the Center of Hope.

    The mission statement for the Center of Hope is: To educate, equip and inspire a community to build and grow itself by using sustainable methods that can be duplicated and passed down to generations to come.

  • Overview:
  • The Center of Hope is envisioned to be a community center. A true center of a developing community that educates, instructs, inspires and encourages.
    In coming to this community, we found the devastation associated with no schools, no businesses, no buildings, no work and in the words of one local man,"no hope". Whereas, upon completion, the Center of Hope will host several trade schools in various areas of focus. It will teach: durable building skills for houses; agriculture and animal husbandry for food supply; basic business and accounting to develop an economy and fiscal responsibility, many areas in between. In addition, it will provide primary and secondary schools with a rigorous curriculum that will prepare the students for an opportunity at university. The Human Development Index in 2013 states less than 25% of the nations population complete primary school or has the knowledge to read. Less than 6% will graduate secondary school, less than 1% of those are female. Education is critical.

    Center life will be supplemented with a full service clinic to treat basic maladies, including a birthing clinic and a dental office. It will include a simple sports complex that encourages team development and the camaraderie of good sportsmanship. Traits that are beneficial to any healthy community.

    Furthermore, a glaring concern that has hindered the development of this province is the large number of orphaned children. Still living in the remnants of a civil war that has long passed and filling with refugees from other war-torn countries, the prevalence of deadly malaria and high concentration of advanced HIV/AIDS leaves this area ravaged. The UN development program records the number of orphans in this province to exceed 300,000. What thriving, vibrant community is complete without tending to the needs of its most vulnerable residents? We have met with social services regarding these statistics and they have confirmed that there are no government programs or dollars available to help in this area. Therefore, in tending to the future generations to come, the center plans are replete with 'family style' orphan houses. This will bring a smaller number of children together in one house, with bedrooms, a parental unit, a great room and kitchen with a large dining table. Reinstituting a family structure into a community that has been so pulled apart by hardships, they scarcely recognize what a family is. Research has proven this method of housing for orphans has been most successful in educating and rearing orphaned children, even those who have come out of environments of severe abuse and drug use, as opposed to the large, overcrowded facilities where neglect and abuse still continues on.

    Currently, in this community, where even the government officials claim it to be a place the world has forgotten, daily life is plagued by the typical third world problems associated with no water, no electricity, living in grass/mud houses, lack of hygiene and lack of food. This province is not receiving humanitarian aid from larger corporate sources, or even government aid. Reasons cited by US AID in Mozambique for a shortage of humanitarian aid to this area were the lack of corporate funding, the lack of mining options and the lack of tourism.

    We do not find ourselves duplicating efforts of government programs or other charitable organizations. The government run primary school is only open part time with only two classrooms and Catholic charities left during the war.

    These problems will never be resolved by handing out food and water and clothes. These problems will only be resolved by an educated people, with ingenuity, being inspired to develop, alter, improve and grow. With a full gamete of educational programs, Center of Hope will teach this community, and they will learn how to successfully grow their own food, how to build houses that endure the annual weather patterns, create and maintain electricity, plumbing, bathrooms, even how to read and write.

    We believe that in building up the community, we will be able to raise up a new generation in a supportive environment and attentive community.

    The vision for the center upon completion will be self-sustaining. Utilizing its own water source, creating its own electricity by bio-digester method,
    We do not want to give them a hand out, we want to give them a hand up.

  • History:
  • By The Way has successfully completed school builds in two remote Amazon basin locations in Peru in partnership with MEPI, a registered NGO in Peru. A larger school, located in the city of Iquitos, a two story university that educates more than 200 students per year. The second, in Contamana, a rural village accessible by boat, is a smaller university branch that educates more than 100 students per year.

    By The Way also has hands on experience with developing administration and a tracking system for a large feeding program, more than 5,000 families, in the remote parts of Ghana, as well as some fishing endeavors in lakeside venues.

    By The Way has been working on the current project, Center of Hope, with a local NGO, Africa on Fire and has also met with foreign affairs (in Mozambique) to accomplish an international NGO filing on behalf of By The Way.

    After meeting with local government heads they donated a 27.5 Hectare piece of land for this center development to show their continued support for this vision.

    To date, the center has a functioning borehole well that has been drilled 95 meters deep and the water has been lab tested and based on World Health Organization standards, is clean and potable without any treatment.

    As well, many volunteers have come and taught many beneficial skills.
    For example, we have received a volunteer farmer that has taught basic farming techniques, including a basic irrigation and plant care method and a strong base knowledge to build on. This gives roots to the agriculture/animal husbandry trade school programs for future center development.

    A Concrete/Masonry specialist that has worked on and taught many projects in developing nations. He taught the preliminary pilot course on concrete/masonry.

    The center employs only local Mozambicans, indigenous to this area. Those employed receive 'on-the-job' instruction for all forms of building and project developments. One of the trade school buildings is virtually complete, merely needs the inside furnishings. The Masonry/concrete curriculum has been developed and with corroboration of the American Concrete Institution, will provide students with instruction and certification based on internationally accepted standards of concrete/masonry.

    The carpentry/woodworking curriculum has been written and is in the process of government approval and the instructor, a master woodworker (Volunteer) is preparing for a March 1, 2015 course commencement.

    A curriculum for Primary school has been established and approved through the national school board. We are raising funds for the buildings and developing teacher preparation.

    As we look upon the history of what has been accomplished thus far, the hurdles that have been overcome that many said could never be done, we are encouraged to push forward. When meeting with husbands and fathers that can now take care of their families, provide food from their own gardens, build houses with skills they have learned here, we are encouraged that this will be a successful community. The greater impact will be visible in 5 years, when more come and learn, 10 years, when those who have learned go out and prosper, 15 years when those who have prospered teach the next generation, and then 20 years, when finally, a nation that once depended solely on the humanitarian aid of others, now depends on its own ability, knowledge and strength to stand.

  • Year established:2009
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