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  • Name:Emily Kerr Muir
  • Title:Youth Campaign Manager

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  • Organization Name:Body & Soul
  • Address:99-119 Rosebery Avenue
    London EC1R 4RE
    United Kingdom

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  • Mission:
  • Body & Soul provides front-line, transformative services to people of all ages living with and affected by HIV (PLWH) in order to improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of this vulnerable population. Our aims are as follows:
    - To improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families living with and closely affected by HIV through engaging, creative and theory-based programming.
    - To create an active and open environment where hopes and aspirations are identified, nurtured and achieved.
    - To provide a stimulating environment that is an empowering resource for support, information, encouragement and change.
    - To respond to the diverse and complex needs of members in a volatile and challenging public environment with tenacity, innovation and integrity.
    - To be an ambitious and dedicated community promoting knowledge and creating empathy through shared expertise and experience, constantly striving to make a lasting impact on the world.

  • Overview:
  • HIV exerts a powerful impact on all aspects of a person’s life, often resulting in social exclusion and isolation. For many families, Body & Soul is the only place they can be free to be who they are, away from the stigma that surrounds this illness. Experience has taught us that with the right interventions at the right time resilience and hope can be realized. All those intricacies of life that seem so unbearable can be overcome and transformed. To support all ages living with HIV we deliver five age specific support programmes from our purpose designed building in London. These are:
    1. Children Services: 0-9 yr olds
    2. BaSe Services: 10-12 yr olds
    3. Teen Spirit : 13-19 yr olds. This group supports more young people living with and affected by HIV (YPHIV) than any other UK organisation outside the NHS.
    4. Young Adults: 20-28 yr olds
    5. Adults: 28+
    Body & Soul has a clear programming and intervention approach that maps our theory of change (our Impact Strategy) and guides our overall service provision focus on: mental health, physical health, psychosocial wellbeing, practical support, and maximizing productivity. As HIV and HIV related stigma has a multidimensional impact on PLWH, we work tirelessly to empower our members. In addition to direct delivery of services for PLWH, through our Life in My Shoes (LIMS) Campaign and through our Social Enterprise, Brave, we address multiple determinants of stigma amongst the greater population. LIMS specifically provides an effective educational intervention to young people that has been proven effective to improve HIV related knowledge and reduce stigma, as demonstrated through rigorous external evaluations of the programme.
    Our organizational approach to service delivery is rooted in four primary models.
    1. First, and crucially, we use a community-led approach to ensure members are at the centre of the organization.
    2. Second, we address health as a result of multiple factors, not just biology, and use a social-ecological model to structure our interventions.
    3. Third, since needs of PLWH change over the course of a person’s lifetime, we use a lifecourse approach that incorporates developmental theories around HIV specific life events and cognitive, social, moral and physical development.
    4. Finally, we believe innovation and creativity is critical to best supporting the complex needs of PLWH, both directly and in wider society.

  • History:
  • Body & Soul was founded in 1996 by Emma Colyer, MBE, in response to the lack of comprehensive, tailored services available for children, young people, and families living with and closely affected by HIV. 18 years ago when Body & Soul first began, there were 17,000 people living with HIV in the UK, now there are almost 100,000 and over 30,000 children living in a family affected by HIV.
    Throughout its 18 years, Body & Soul has proactively evolved in order to address the changing needs of its members, and in order to further improve the way HIV is understood in the greater community. A significant addition to our programming has been the Life in My Shoes campaign, which addresses stigma by empowering young people to be both knowledgeable about HIV and empathic in their understanding of what life might be like living with a highly-stigmatised health condition.
    Body & Soul’s work has gained external recognition from the GSK Impact Awards in 2011; the Royal Society for Public Health’s Health and Wellbeing Award in 2013 and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award for Volunteering in 2012. Lives in my Shoes Campaign Team were highly commended by The Charity Times Awards in 2013; the UK Sexual Health Awards Finalist (2014) and the National Lottery Awards finalist, Best Education Project (2013).
    Body & Soul has grown significantly in terms of scope and impact; however its ethos has remained strong. The entire Body & Soul community, including members, volunteers, staff, and supporters, is committed to the values that make up this ground-breaking organization. We are optimistic, passionate, and knowledgeable.

  • Year established:1996
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United Kingdom
  • U.K. Charity Commission ID #:1060062