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  • Name:Gayle Myke
  • Title:Executive Director

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  • Organization Name:Arts After School Kids
  • Address:97 Tenth Avenue
    Brantford, ON N3S 1C5

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  • Main phone:519 759 5720

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  • Mission:
  • Through the arts, Arts After School kids (AASK) organization provides a safe, fun environment after school for youth to build self-esteem, enhance and discover their leadership potential.

    Vision: Through Arts After School Kids, youth will gain an appreciation for the arts, create lasting relationships and open doors of opportunity, while learning to give back to their community in positive ways.

    Tag Line: Creating tomorrow's leaders

  • Overview:
  • AASK is a not for profit organization that offers free music and art lessons for youth ages 11-14. They get to choose classes such as: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals, visual arts. They have the opportunity to learn teamwork and communication skills. The youth arrive at 3:30 and receive a healthy snack and proceed to the class of choice. The youth are given the opportunity to perform in the community at events and exhibit their art work in local business venues.
    The organization hosts 3 fundraiser events and the youth perform.

    Arts After School Kids is in the 7th year of growth and development on all levels.
    The organization has created an advanced showcase band that will be prepared to perform in the community at many different events, this band is an incentive for other students to learn and advance to the band.
    Five schools are involved with the organization this year with 44 students which will include families and friends of each student.

    The Board of Directors is very capable and enthusiastic about our work in the community. The energy of the Board, instructors, students, families and partnerships in the community is creating services in the arts that work for the youth, families, and community, it builds self esteem, confidence, creativity, and is generating a waiting list of young people who wish to participate and belong to the program.

    The Board recognizes we are both prevention and intervention oriented organization that offers services to the youth that are at risk. Moving forward part of the next five year Strategic Plan will be to incorporate a trained youth social worker plan, and a trained Expressive Art therapist, to contribute to the program agenda. This component will address mental health, addiction, and emotional connections through the arts and empower the youth to make positive and healthy decisions.

    AASK has requested an evaluation consultant to create a professional evaluation process for the organization, a funding raising committee is being formed from parents and community members to enhance the opportunities of community awareness and self sustainability, The Board member/accountant over sees the finances.

    Arts After School Kids has had over 200 youth go through the program. This year an evaluation and research on qualitative and quantitative information will be gathered by a Laurier University PhD candidate and a team of University Students.

    There are many amazing stories from the children. AASK has always made a positive impact on their lives. Parents after seeing the performance comments “ I didn't know my kid could do that” with a huge smile. One fellow came to AASK in grade six, that year his father passed away, he did not speak yet came to session, grade 7 we got a couple of smiles out of him, and grade 8 he requested to speak at our 5 year celebration and say what AASK has done for him.

    The organization is moving forward with a 3 year capacity building plan and has completed an evaluation process to arrive with statistics, qualitative and quantitative information to show the organization mission and vision are being fulfilled for the youth and the future.

  • History:
  • Arts After School Kids was founded in 2007. A community member, mature student and now alumni from Laurier Brantford recognized a need in the community and began a process and a dream to help youth develop self esteem, confidence and find their potential at a vulnerable and impressionable age of 11-14 by utilizing arts based programming. With lots of leg work, networking, and passion the seed was planted in the heart of Eagle Place the south end of Brantford, Ontario.
    There is a substantial number of youth that do not have the self esteem necessary to engage in the community at large. Both the family unit and socioeconomic status of the household are crucial determinants for a person’s self esteem. Socio economic indicators (Stats Canada) for Eagle Place in Brantford, revealed that the family poverty rate is the region is 2%, dependence on government income is 18%, low education 11%, and lone parent families is 25%. With such startling findings in regard to both the family and economic structure of this particular district, give a great place to begin a process of change for the community.

    What is the hook to engage youth?
    A pilot program was offered at Joseph Brant School with 18 students participating in instruction in acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals, drums and keyboards. It worked 18 of 22 students engaged and completed the pilot and asked to continue. Thus Arts After School Kids(AASK) was created.

    Now entering the 8th year developing relationships within the community and beyond, the organization has gone through many trials and tribulations both positive and negative. The connections between families, community, youth, funders, other organizations has grown and opened doors for positive communication. There are no other organizations offering Free music/art sessions to youth, and AASK has since added visual arts to the agenda of classes for the youth.

    2007- 18 of 22 students
    2008- 22 of 25 students
    2009- 28 of 30 students
    2010- 30 of 35 students
    2011- 35 of 40 students
    2012- 35 of 40 students
    2013- 38 of 40 students complete the program.
    2014 44 students are registered and participating in the program

    • 2007 Pilot Project 18 of 22 students completed the project.
    • 2008 Professor Lamine Diallo from Laurier University Brantford completed a research evaluation on the project.
    • 2008 Masters Student from Brock University completed a thesis on after school programs and Arts After School Kids was used as the focus group.
    • 2009 Added a visual art component to the programming.
    • 2010 First Santa Claus Float.
    • 2011 Arts After School won the Shining Star Award for best new art organization.
    • 2012 Director/Founder won the Queen Jubilee Award for working with the youth.
    • 2013 Moved back into a school called Bellview and 4 other schools involved, and home school students. 40 students are registered and participating in the arts based programming.
    • 2013 Arts After School Kids won the Award for the “Champions for Prosperity Award in the Community Organization category.

  • Year established:2007
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Canada
  • CRA type:Charitable
  • Canada Business or Reg #:807037957RR0001