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  • Organization Name:Casa de los Angelitos
  • Address:954 Koleeta Dr.
    Harbor City, CA 90710
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • Casa de los Angelitos strives to provide a safe, secure, compassionate and structured living environment for our pregnant young women, in order that they may be better prepared for the future with their new family. Our goal is to try and break the vicious cycle of their "Revolving Door of Pregnancy and Homelessness."

    Casa de los Angelitos encourages its residents to continue their education, establish goals and move forward in a positive, responsible way to ensure a full, happy and productive life for their new family.

    Casa de los Angelitos acknowledges the stresses of an unplanned pregnancy and commends its residents for choosing life for their child. Casa supports its residents throughout their pregnancy and provides limited services after residency is completed.

  • Overview:
  • Most of the women upon entry are very confused and in a crisis situation. Many of them arrive with little or no money, clothes, or personal care items and stripped of their self worth and dignity. Our goal is to transition our residents from a life of dependency and hardship to a life of self-sufficiency and accomplishment.

    Each resident of Casa de los Angelitos has Program Expectations and rules to abide by. We strive to maintain a positive living environment between all of the residents. A vocational skills and educational assessment is given to each resident
    along with parenting and life skills, infant care, nutrition, health and community resources and support networks.

    The Life Skills and Parenting Program consist of:
    1. Structured and nurturing living environment throughout pregnancy, till the baby is 3 month of age.
    2. Provide personal care items, clothing and food, as well as baby items.
    3. Individual and group Psychological Counseling and Career Counseling services.
    4. Classes in Pre and Post Natal care, labor and delivery, infant, child care and parenting.
    5.Transportation to medical, counseling and other necessary appointments.
    6. Computer classes offering residents the opportunity to learn new computer programs.
    7. Support in obtaining advanced education and employment programs.
    8. Case Management with individualized goal plans and progress reports.
    9.Assistance in securing safe and affordable community housing.
    10. Community referral and advocacy.

    During the residents time at Casa, the Administrator keeps a file on the progress of each pregnant woman. The achievements are evaluated through the use of pre and post tests, attendance sheets, and completion of individualized weekly goals.
    After the residents leave we track each one for at least three years through interviews and the outcomes are self-sufficiency, stability in the home and family environment and continuance of education, benefitting the future lives of both mother and baby.

  • History:
  • Thanks to the vision, initiative, courage and financial support of some dedicated pro-life individuals, their dream of a maternity home in the South Bay for homeless women in crisis pregnancies became a reality in 1986, The support and involvement of many volunteers and donors was absolutely essential in the founding of Casa de los angelicas. The financial support of a very special konor enabled the down payment on a five-bedroom home in Harbor City the became "Casa de los Angelitos".

    This home is located in Harbor City, California, and is a 501c3 non profit, non denominational maternity home with housing and educational programs for homeless pregnant women who are in crisis situations usually due to Domestic Violence situations.

    Casa has been in existence for 26 years and has assisted over 800 pregnant women along with their unborn and newborn infants. They remain with Casa throughout their pregnancy and 3-4 months after the
    birth of their infants. The mothers then transition to another home, apartment, or other type of housing and become functioning, capable, mature and educated citizens in their communities. The programs and services provided by Casa enable each resident to gain the self respect needed to offer a better life for their families. The involvement and financial support of donors continues to be a major factor in the viability of Casa's ministry.

    The continued contributions from individual donors, Foundations and fundraisers help to assist Casa in maintaining their programs which are provided to each resident .Without this continued support of donors, volunteers, staff and dedicated working board of Directors, Casa would be unable to provide the care, education and comfort to these distressed mothers and their babies. It is Casa's goal to assist each new mother in establishing and achieving personal objectives which will aid her and her new baby to achieve self-sufficiency within her chosen community.

  • Year established:1986
  • Endowment:Unknown


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  • Staff size:6


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