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  • Mission:
  • The RIDE (Readers in Determined Education) Program, in partnership with Calvin College’s Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Program, was designed to improve the literacy skills of below-grade level readers in grades 2-5 who have had limited success with traditional classroom reading instruction. We seek to reach those who have experienced great difficulty in school, empower them with strong literacy skills and instill a lifelong love for reading and learning, by working directly with students in the summer and also training key teachers, paraprofessionals and college-interns how to provide intensive, multisensory literacy instruction in the local schools during the academic year.

  • History:
  • The RIDE Program was developed and independently coordinated by Sheri Ippel and Trudy Ngo-Brown, two teachers, during the summer of 2006. In response to a need for a summer school program that "wasn't more of the same", the two drew from several research-based programs to create an intensive summer reading curriculum focused on struggling elementary readers. Quantitative data from the initial program show the 26 students who piloted the program made gains at the end of six weeks that averaged one year’s worth of growth on their district’s standardized reading test; some doubled the yearly average in this short time. Data for the students collected one year later showed continued growth which nearly doubled that of below-grade level peers whose families chose not to participate in RIDE.

    Motivated by their success and the enthusiasm of students and families for the program, Ippel and Ngo-Brown worked to develop and expand the RIDE Program to reach more students, pre-service teachers and classroom teachers in Grand Rapids. Dr. Judith Vander Woude, currently the Director of the Speech Pathology and Audiology Program at Calvin College, joined the RIDE Program in 2007 and serves as Executive Director and Program Administrator. She oversees the internship program and directs the research objectives of the RIDE Program.

    In 2007, RIDE officially affiliated with Calvin College, a liberal arts college of 4,200 students, 313 faculty, which offers degrees in over 100 different program. The college is serving as fiduciary agent for all funds received, thus ensuring comprehensive fiscal oversight, audit services, and 501(c)(3) status for the program. Recognizing the connections this program has to the college’s Education Department (654 students) and Speech Pathology/Audiology programs (69 students), Calvin welcomed this collaborative arrangement. The Communication Arts and Sciences Department (home of the Speech Pathology Program) also agreed to provide space and IT support for the RIDE Program.

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