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  • Mission:
  • Working Options in Education is a UK-wide careers programme for 16-19-year-olds developed by the charity Monkey Business Foundation. Our aim is to engage, inspire and motivate sixth form students to realise their full potential and consider employment opportunities in the food, drink and retail industry. We deliver our work through a series of projects. The biggest project of Working Options is the free motivation and information sessions delivered at state sixth form colleges which are led by volunteer speakers from industry. We also have an online careers hub that has advice and tips for students. Our latest initiative is a new Linking Programme which will link students with college leaver positions and apprenticeships on offer in food, drink and retail companies we are partnered with. We have worked with 4,000+ students, over 200 industry volunteers and 78 colleges across England and Wales.

  • Overview:
  • The ultimate aim of our work is to enable state educated students to aim high and realise their full potential. We want them to feel confident, capable and understand what they need to do to prepare themselves for life after college, as well as giving them an introduction to the world of food, drink and retail with the aim of encouraging them into the industry. Our Motivation & Information Sessions which last 2 hours involve 3 volunteers from industry sharing their career journey and advice on how to prepare for life after college. The sessions give students an insight into the career journeys of individuals employed in all disciplines and at all levels of business, the chance to explore the diverse employment opportunities available in the food, drink and retail industry, an understanding of what they need to do to make themselves ready for employment and the confidence to take control of their own future and realise their full potential. The session runs as follows; 45 minutes with 3 different industry speakers sharing their career journey and top tips, 45 minutes of group Q&A session with the students and speakers and then the remaining time is for networking between the speakers and students. We provide the college with a Planner Pack that outlines all of the information they need to prepare for the session. In this pack there is a Student Workbook which contains a research task for them to complete ahead of the session and aims to help them get the most out of the session by preparing some questions for the speakers. The aim of the session is for them to leave feeling more confident, informed and believing they can achieve anything they want to. At the end of the sessions the students complete a feedback form. This assesses their attitude and confidence around employability and their prospects after college, before and after the session. We also ask them what their key learnings have been and what they will do differently following the session. The feedback demonstrates that 88% of students have a very positive experience and their confidence about their future prospects increases following the session. They also feel reassured about their doubts and concerns and show an open mind about the options available to them following college. We are working with 78 colleges across England and Wales. Our repeat booking rate with colleges is 100%, which demonstrates the value it adds for them and the students learning. The Linking Programme initiative is new for us this year and will aim to place students we interact with in college leaver positions, apprenticeships etc with FMCG companies across England and Wales. This is a brilliant opportunity for the students and companies involved to help secure new talent for the industry.

    The Working Options Programme is run by a team of four people. We have one full-time member of staff, Lauren Monk the co-founder who oversees the whole programme and manages two part-time members of staff. There is a team leader who co-ordinates the session bookings and another team member who is responsible for new college leads. We also have an adviser who works with us one day a week to help with strategy and the longer-term planning for the Working Options Programme, as well as leading the Linking Programme initiative. The cost of running the Working Options programmes stands at around £75,000 per year and delivers great value for money in terms of the numbers of beneficiaries we reach. We have over 200 industry volunteers on our database who give their time for free to run the Motivation & Information sessions. Our volunteers benefit from taking part in our sessions. The benefits include; a sense of wellbeing from giving something back; an opportunity to network and build up their contacts and a chance to work on their own personal and professional development. Our current repeat rate for volunteers who attend more than one session is at around 45%. We also have an example of a college where a student applied for a buying apprenticeship after hearing a story from one of our volunteers who was a buyer for Waitrose.

  • History:
  • Paul Monk and I co-founded this project after realising that there was a gap between the confidence and aspirations in state educated students versus those that are privately educated. Paul and I are both from state educated backgrounds and wanted to do something to raise the aspirations of state educated students and help them to understand the world of work and what is possible after college, regardless of social circumstances. We wanted to instil the belief in students that anything is possible and achievable with hard work and the right attitude. Paul has enjoyed a fantastic and enjoyable career in the FMCG industry since leaving sixth form and wanted to introduce this industry to students while they are at an important phase of making choices about their future. The aim of the project was to inspire as many state sixth formers as we possibly could to achieve their full potential and so Working Options was born.

  • Year established:2012
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  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United Kingdom
  • U.K. Charity Commission ID #:1149696