Californians for Pesticide Reform (San Francisco, CA)


  • Name:David Chatfield
  • Title:Director

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  • Organization Name:Californians for Pesticide Reform
  • Address:49 Powell St.
    Suite 530
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    United States

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  • Main phone:415-981-3939
  • Main fax:415-981-2727

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  • Mission:
  • Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR) is a statewide coalition formed in 1996 to improve and protect public health, promote sustainable and just agriculture systems, and increase environmental quality by building a movement across California that changes statewide and local pesticide policies and practices. As the first long term coalition dealing comprehensively with pesticides in California, CPR was designed to bring together organizations approaching pesticide problems from the perspectives of their impact on health, agricultural sustainability, food security, consumers, the environment, and farm labor, workers, and other vulnerable populations. Member organizations all endorse CPR’s unifying 4-point platform:
    1. Eliminate the most hazardous pesticides (e.g. carcinogens and neurotoxins)
    2. Reduce all pesticide use
    3. Promote least-risk pest management solutions
    4. Expand the public’s right to know about pesticide use.

  • History:
  • Since 1996, the coalition model has served to promote capacity to support grassroots activity and bring together new constituencies and new combinations of interests on pesticide issues. Today, the coalition’s 185 member organizations include farm-workers; public health and children’s health advocates; community-based, environmental justice, labor, education, environment, and tenants’ organizations; clean air and water groups; parents’ and faith groups; as well as farmers and agriculture advocates.

    The coalition’s Steering Committee raises funds together to pursue jointly developed strategy instead of competing for the same dollars. Members agree to use raised funds to support activity by partners and CPR’s small central staff, which coordinates and contributes to the activity. Working collaboratively in this way, each organization can utilize its strengths, whether in advocacy, research, networking, organizing, technical assistance, health-related resources, state-level influence, and/or media reach. CPR’s achievements are the result of the work of the Steering Committee and many other members of the coalition.

    CPR has published 17 reports and several mini-reports, two action guides, pesticide education and “Drift Catcher” curriculum, and other community-friendly educational materials; many of these materials are English-Spanish bilingual. The coalition has passed several pieces of legislation, including the landmark Healthy Schools Act of 2000 and the 2006 Healthy Day Care Act, described above, and SB 391, which mandates minimum standard protocols for responding to pesticide drift emergencies and medical reimbursement for people exposed to pesticide drift. We have worked with local groups to promote and pass pesticide policies at local school districts and government facilities, used lawsuits to support our campaign work, and watch dogged the state's principal pesticide agency, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). CPR’s most recent accomplishments include:

    • Completed the Lindsay BioDrift Project, a three-year monitoring project that documented pesticides in the air and in the bodies of Lindsay residents. Results bolster CPR efforts to establish pesticide buffer zones around local schools, establish state support for farmers to transition away from pesticide use, and implement neighbor notification laws regarding pesticide applications.

    • In December 2007, we pushed the Tulare County Agriculture Commissioner to establish a limited buffer zone around all County Schools, the first time a community-based coalition had won such a victory in Tulare County.

    • Coordinated the passage of the coalition’s SB 391 (Florez) requiring minimum standard protocols for responding to pesticide drift emergencies and medical reimbursement for people exposed to pesticide drift. The content of this bill was direct from people in fenceline communities who are exposed to and affected by pesticides.

  • Year established:1996
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:10
  • Advisory board size:
  • Staff size:5

Board and Executive Names

  • Board Members / Trustees:
  • Californians for Pesticide Reform has a Steering Committee that is currently comprised of ten members. Members are chosen to reflect the diversity of CPR’s constituency across the state, including representation from both community groups and established non-profit organizations. The Steering Committee meets four times a year and is responsible for determining CPR’s campaign and program directions. Membership is by organization.

    Breast Cancer Action; Lisa Wanzor, Associate Director
    Center for Environmental Health; Caroline Cox, Research Director
    Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment; Lupe Martinez, Organizing Director
    Environment California; Rachel Gibson, Environmental Health Advocate and Staff Attorney
    Fresno Metro Ministry; Carolina Simunovic, Environmental Health Director
    Grayson Neighborhood Council; Rosenda Mataka, Community Outreach Coordinator
    Latino Issues Forum; Chione L. Flegal, Senior Program Manager
    Organización en California de Líderes Campesinas, Inc. (Líderes Campesinas); Mily Treviño-Sauceda, Executive Director
    Pesticide Action Network North America; Margaret Reeves, Senior Scientist and Organophosphates Campaign Coordinator
    Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles
    Martha Dina Arguello, Director of Health and Environment Programs

  • Executive Director / President:
  • David Chatfield, Director

Staff Names

  • Key Staff:
  • Tracey Brieger, Campaign Director
    Teresa De Anda, Central Valley Representative
    Kelly White, Grants Manager
    Tina Cosentino, State Field Coordinator


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  • Country of registration:United States
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  • Tax ID:00-0000000

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