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  • Organization Name:Bike Erie
  • Address:301 Peninsula Dr., STE 5
    Erie, PA 16505
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • Bike Erie leads efforts to transform our streets and communities into healthy, vibrant and accessible places for safe bicycling and active transportation for everyone.

  • Overview:
  • Bike Erie is a leader, facilitator, guide and advocate of efforts and developments that help to make Erie safe, accessible and attractive to bike and walk. We prioritize, value and enjoy active transportation because it enriches our culture and our lives. We are committed to increasing the adoption and frequency of biking and walking in order to build a better future for our children and ourselves.

    While Erie is currently among the unhealthiest cities and counties in Pennsylvania and the U.S., and we face very high poverty rates; we believe that our efforts to help individuals adopt biking and walking as forms of exercise and transportation will lead to a significant reduction of these major social problems. Ultimately, we believe that our efforts can and will substantially improve the quality of life and economic well-being for everyone in Erie while helping to transform our neighborhoods, communities, and region into vibrant places. We foresee Erie and our region as national leaders of health, happiness and overall livability.

    Our multi-faceted approach to operation is heavily influenced and shaped by the successful methods and efforts of leading bicycle advocacy and education organizations in North America and abroad. Our approach focuses on: encouragement and fun, education and support, and policy and infrastructure. We believe that by encouraging individuals to bike and walk, and by providing them with enjoyable, fun opportunities for doing so, more people will begin biking and walking, and those who already bike and walk will do so more frequently.

    We also believe that we must create and provide ongoing educational opportunities and experiences, as well as various forms of support, in order to help create a safer transportation environment, and to sustain and continue increasing the frequency and number of individuals who bike and walk. Finally, in order to fully achieve a thriving culture of individuals who choose to bike and walk, we must advocate for essential active transportation policies and infrastructure. Finally, we believe that advocating for essential biking and walking policies and infrastructure will help Erie and our region to fully achieve a thriving active transportation network and environment that is safe and effective for all modes.

    Simply put, our approach is:
    Encouragement + Fun = They will come.
    Education + Support = They will grow.
    Infrastructure + Policy = They will thrive.

  • History:
  • We started as a grassroots movement that was created and guided by individuals living throughout Erie County, Pennsylvania. We recognized the lack of comprehensive support for active transportation within our communities and we saw a great need to make Erie a more bicycle-friendly and walkable place for everyone. The Erie County Department of Health (ECDH) recognized the same needs and formally partnered with Bike Erie in 2012.

    The ECDH has played an integral role in Bike Erie’s existence and development – without them, we would likely not exist. We have worked hard to build capacity and continue to grow our efforts through a more impactful approach to operating. As such, we partnered with Environment Erie in the summer of 2013 for fiscal sponsorship and we are in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are currently governed and operated by a board of directors and volunteers.

  • Year established:2012
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