COFFY- Community Organizations for Families and Youth (Gary, IN)


  • Name:Lawrence Wright

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  • Organization Name:COFFY- Community Organizations for Families and Youth
  • Address:300 West 21st Avenue
    Gary, IN 46407
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of COFFY is to raise the level of understanding about the cycle of violence that plagues Lake County, Indiana. By doing this and showing adults and children that the needless loss of life impacts us in so many ways that are far beyond the tragic loss of life. This behavior effects education, all quality of life factors from the makeup of homes and communities to the cost of car insurance. By bring awareness of this and moving the the next level where we implement intervention measure it is our hope to change our community dynamics, so that our people can focus on the other pressing issues that plage our community such as unemployment and lieracy.

  • Overview:
  • COFFY has been putting on a youth violence conference for eight years where we bring in more than 300 students and 150 adults to Indiana University to spend a day looking at the impact of violence on our community. So far this year we have had 38 homicides in Gary, Indiana allone. Our goals are to address the experiences that unfortunately support this level of violence. Our event has breakout sessions where we explore many of the topical such as bullying, drug use, self esteem, and hip hop music. Our goals each year revolve around providing an experience that gives the children information and something that will spark conversation about the many influences they are exposed to.

  • History:
  • COFFY was founded in response to several studies that indicated that a collabrative effort could be effective in addressing many of the quality of life issues that were prominent here in Lake County Indiana. It was our hope that over a period of years our impact would change the dynamic that promotes not only the culture of violence but also address issues such illiteracy, emotional dyfunction and children in homes that do not promote their potential. Violence is not a new issue here. The City of Gary has been the "Murder Capital" of the country more than 20 times. For many of us this level of violence is all that we have ever lnown.

  • Year established:2005
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