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  • Organization Name:Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
  • Address:2825 Dumaurier Ave
    Ottawa, ON K2B 7W3

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  • Mission:
  • The Mission of the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO) is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. Some of the BGCO highlights include:

    • A leader in after–school, weekend and summer programs
    • 4,500 Members aged 6-18 and 100,000 visits
    • No annual fees
    • 8 Clubhouses in at-risk communities and Camp Smitty
    o Britannia Clubhouse (community of Foster Farm)
    o Vanier Clubhouse
    o Police Youth Centre (community of Deborah Dynes)
    o Rideau High School
    o Ridgemont High School
    o Rochester Heights
    o Heatherington Clubhouse
    o Accora Clubhouse (community of Bayshore)

  • Overview:
  • On behalf of our members, thank you in advance for giving the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO) the opportunity to apply to your Monetary Angel in Action grant. This letter provides an overview of our organization's mission, history and philosophy, along with an outline of a most pressing programming priority –our Leaders-4-Life program– for your funding consideration.

    To summarize: the BGCO is a leader in after school activities in the Ottawa area for children and youth ages 6 to 18. Our mission is to offer these youth a safe place to be, via free structured programming that impact their long-term development and wellbeing, in clubhouses that are located in at-risk neighborhoods. Our mission promoting the development of confidence and self-esteem in teenage girls and boys suitably matches your organization’s funding interests, as do the objectives of the proposed program – BGCO’s Leaders-4-Life (L4L).

    The main goal of this funding request is to address the trend that the BGCO’s Leaders-4-Life is continuously increasing in popularity, with more than 40 members participating in the past year alone – 18 of whom graduated the program last spring. The number of participants has grown exponentially since the program started in 2008 and shows no sign of slowing down – hence our request for a donation. At this time, we are looking for $5000 from the Arbonne Charitable Foundation, to be used towards the sustaining and growth of the Leaders-4-Life program.

    The need that will be addressed through this initiative is the strengthening of a program that is a dynamic, innovative teen leadership program. Teen programming was identified as a core component of the Club's Leadership Pillar, which helps to foster character by building confidence through participation in leadership and skill development activities that promotes both self-actualization and civic responsibility.

    The timeline of the program runs from October to May each year for grades 9-12, and follows these four keystones:
    • Team Work
    • Decision Making
    • Communication
    • Leadership

    Youth take part in weekly sessions over 4 years, learning to develop their leadership skills through dynamic activities such as volunteer opportunities within the community and special out-trips. At the end of the four years, successful members enjoy a graduation ceremony.

    The integrated approach utilizes both city clubhouses and Camp Smitty resources, and is run through a mixture of staff and volunteers; include Mentors/Facilitators who are often on university or college placements. The outcomes are measured in areas of self-constructs, school performance, and volunteerism while supporting post-secondary educational goals and pursuits.

    The activities of BGCO's Leaders-for-Life program will lead to meaningful and measurable change - as the main outcome of this program is a well-rounded learning experience for all L4L participants, from start to finish (over the four years), with an increase in self-esteem and a sense of empowerment. The goal is to give these youth the skills they need in order to succeed in life.

    Our goal for 2015 is for L4L to continue to teach the four main keystones through activities and guest speakers with each keystone being taught within a 6 week period. During this timeframe we will also have three Camp retreats that will allow the youth to enjoy life outside of the city along with a chance to develop and strengthen the skills that they have learned throughout the program year.

    This year, we will be introducing a new model of recognition to L4L youth that will provide them with the practical means of making their post-secondary life more successful. These will be called “Tools for Success” and will include such educational implements as personal laptop computers for L4L graduates moving on to College or University.

    Leaders-4-Life addresses the community's need to develop young leaders and active citizens. We believe that this is one of the greatest needs for any community, particularly in those neighborhoods that are considered 'high risk'. Not only are the youth giving back, through their volunteer work and in their general day-to-day experiences, but they are also building on the assets of the community itself via the collaborative efforts of the program's many partners.

  • History:
  • BGCO has served the Ottawa community since 1923, reaching out to 4,500 children and youth each year in 9 program locations, (8 city locations and one Camp) through free after-school, weekend and summer programs that build self-esteem and help to develop stronger social skills.

    BGCO utilizes an integrated model of age-appropriate social, recreational and academic activities that include proven strategies for building positive relationships, mentoring, conflict resolution, skill development and employment training. These programs are developed in collaboration with families, local schools and other community partners to create comprehensive healthy living opportunities for children and youth.

    Programs are the foundation of the BGCO. The variety and quality of these programs are evidence based and designed to be engaging, accessible for all, and contributing towards the development of good citizens and leaders within the Ottawa community. The Club offers a variety of fun but structured programming designed to help foster life-skills based on four pillars of strength. These pillars: are Education; Creative Arts; Leadership & Social skills; and Physical Activity & Healthy Lifestyle.

  • Year established:1923
  • Endowment:Unknown


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  • Country of registration:Canada
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