Centre for Assistance to Sustainable Development (CASD) (Ebolowa, )


  • Name:Yannick Brice O Nanda
  • Title:Engineer

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:Centre for Assistance to Sustainable Development (CASD)
  • Address:Ebolowa, Cameroun

Organization Phone

  • Main phone:00237 679990836

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  • Mission:
  • Mission statement:
    To stimulate and support local initiatives toward sustainable and equitable economic development with focus in economic, social and ecological sustainability.

  • Overview:
  • Goal:
    CASD is committed to the promotion of sustainable agriculture in order to increase revenue and economic productivity of rural farmers in Cameroon while protecting the environment.

    - Agriculture: Dissemination of agricultural techniques;
    • Multiplication and dissemination of improved planting material;
    • Capacity building of stakeholders
    - Agro forestry: Promote agro forestry through domestication and multiplication of indigenous fruit trees.
    • Promote the collection, transformation and marketing of NTFP.
    • Monitoring and evaluation of our actions.
    - Research: Conduct on-farm trials with farmers and disseminate research results.

  • History:
  • Activities carried out by CASD within the past five years
    - Agroforestry:
    • integrating Safou in the cocoa cropping system in Ebolowa II with SIDECOTON
    • Multiplication and sale of indigenous fruit trees
    • Training of farmers in the vegetative propagation of fruit trees
    - Agriculture
    • Multiplication and distribution of vegetable seeds in the Mvila and Ntem Valley Divisions
    • Dissemination of new farming techniques on vegetable production
    • Training of farmers on vegetable production
    • Building the capacity of vegetable farmers on marketing
    Partner institutions: World vegetable Centre Cameroon (AVRDC), World agro forestry centre (ICRAF), International institute of tropical agriculture Cameroon (IITA), Humid Tropics Action Site Cameroon, South forestry and Environmental Network (SOFENET)

  • Year established:2005
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:27
  • Advisory board size:11
  • Staff size:6


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #:

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