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  • Mission:
  • The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) creates and incubates small-to-medium enterprises that provide underserved communities in developing countries with affordable, locally produced and environmentally sound technologies to meet their energy, sanitation and water needs.
    We provide our businesses with financing in the $10,000 to $100,000 range. Recognizing that capital is not the only barrier that prevents engineering talent/budding entrepreneurs in emerging markets from forming such businesses, we also provide business training, technical training, legal assistance as well as help navigating government bureaucracy.
    By operating in the missing middle, i.e. providing more funding than a micro-finance institution, but less than mid-scale investor, we target a level of service provider that is vital to the development of local economies. Our businesses can create jobs and deliver services that can be transformative for families and communities, but that are too large for an informal sector micro-entrepreneur and too small for a major government development initiative.
    We have three primary programs: Incubation, Education, and Outreach. While these three programs have a high level of interdependence and rely heavily on each other for execution, the core of AIDG is the incubation program. We currently maintain operations in Guatemala and Haiti.

  • History:
  • AIDG received its 501(c)3 status in January of 2005. The following are our results on a combined three-year budget of $400,000 (2005: $48,510; 2006: $96,271; 2007: $252,852).
    People served: Over 1,800 people served by our 2 international programs - 1000+ in Guatemala with access to renewable energy and 800 in Haiti with access to basic sanitation.
    Total interns: 33 past and current competitively selected interns from the world's top universities
    TecoTours volunteers: 60+ students and young adults working on community development projects
    Staff Locations: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala since 2005; Cap-Haitien, Haiti since 2007; Boston, MA (HQ)
    Total Staff: 9

    PROJECTS Completed Projects as of 04/28/2008: Guatemala - 23 family-sized biodigester or stove installations, 3 community-scale biogas systems, 3 village micro-hydroelectric systems (total installed capacity - 136KW; serving 1000 people), 3 solar water heating systems. Haiti - 3 community dry composting latrine to serve 700-800 people 1 community-scale biogas system.
    Projects in Progress in 2008: Hydraulic ram pump installations and product development, solar water heater development, pico-hydroelectric system development, small-scale wind generation development
    Planned Projects commencing in 2008: Guatemala - 2 community-scale hydroelectric systems. Haiti - 4 additional latrine upgrade and construction projects, 1 community-scale biogas installations, 1 municipal-scale biogas plant, 1 municipal electrification project.

    AIDG DEVELOPED TECHNOGLOGIES: Polyethylene tube biodigesters, Pelton turbines, Rocket Box stove, community dry composting latrine, load controller for hydro-electric systems
    TECHNOLOGIES UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Floating-dome biogas plants (KVIC adaptation for Guatemala and Haiti), low cost solar-water heater, pico-hydroelectric system, hydraulic ram pump for water delivery Strategic Partnerships: MIT D-Lab (Boston), SOIL (Haiti), Mayors Offices of Borgne and Milot (Haiti), EWB-SF, UC Berkeley

    XELATECO (FIRST ENERGY BUSSINESS) MILESTONES AS OF YEAREND 2007 XelaTeco(Guatemala): 7 staff members XelaTeco produces low cost, environmentally sound technologies for rural communities in the greater Quetzaltenango (Xela) region. It is focused on community-scale energy projects, such as micro-hydroelectric systems, with smaller technology sales bridging the gap between larger contracts.
    Customers: Agricultural cooperatives, community institutions and non-profit agencies Current Product Line: Micro-hydroelectric systems and high efficiency stoves
    Major contracts: Won a $44,000 contract partially funded by the UNDP for a 40-home micro-hydroelectric system at Comunidad Nueva Alianza. $12,000 Contract for reconditioning of hydroelectric system at La Fe y Chantel saving community $2,000 a month in energy costs during their 6-month coffee harvest. Won $65,000 contract to do R&D and scaling on a breakthrough wind technology To date in 2008, XelaTeco has $58,000 in sales with $22,000 more contracted work and an anticipated $80,000-120,000 of sales in the pipeline (depending on the timing of some hydro projects).
    Incubation Loan Repayment: After the 3 year incubation period, Xelateco will begin repaying the $55,000 incubation loan in Fall 2008.

  • Year established:2005
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:9
  • Advisory board size:3
  • Staff size:9


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