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  • Name:Hannah Borg
  • Title:Miss

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  • Organization Name:Cherished
  • Address:Our Place community Hub
    Farthing Lane
    Sutton Coldfield B721RN
    West Midlands
    United Kingdom

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of Cherished is to 'Unveil the true potential and unique value of girls through acceptance, care and love.' Cherished works with many girls aged 8-18 who are vulnerable and need that consistent , loving, nonjudgmental support. The Cherished programme offers girls hope when life seems hopeless, joy when they feel in a dark place and opportunity when they feel like there are no options left. By working within primary and secondary schools within the Midlands offering self esteem courses, mentoring programmes, girls community groups and parent's workshops we aim to raise aspirations, higher levels of self esteem and understanding that each girl has enormous potential and is worth so much! Our outcomes include bringing a fresh approach to preventing mental health problems in the future and for girls to take ownership of their lives and have a dream that they can work towards. Our core purpose is that girls feel Cherished and adored.

  • Overview:
  • We are a Community Interest Company (CIC), non for profit organisation made up of many wonderful women who volunteer weekly. Our 3 key services are firstly our Cherished Course, which is an 8 week course which looking creatively at topics including, Friendships, Protecting your heart, Self esteem and hopes and aspirations. The 8 week course allows the girls in a safe space to express themselves and grow as individuals. Once they have completed the 8 week course they are then provided with a female mentor (second service). Our mentoring programme allows each girls to feel supported on a one to one basis weekly. Our volunteers are passionate women who commit their own time to journeying with their mentee. Our mentoring has proven to have a massive affect on girls and their emotional develop. Girls can also access our third service which is our girls community group called Blossom. This group has 50 girl members and runs weekly, this is a space for girls to feel supported outside of school and provides them with a space to grow and meet other girls who have also completed the Cherished course. By the time our girls arrive through the Blossom doors we can see that they have begun to Blossom and they continue to do so each week as they are invested in.
    Cherished from its first year of delivery has moved from working in 2 schools per year to over 30 schools in total at the beginning of its 3rd year. We have formed partnerships with West Midlands Police, Birmingham Social Services, Birmingham Youth Offending Team and The Lighthouse Project Birmingham who have all called upon our services. We have solid evidence that our gender specific services are making a clear and long term impact. Our school courses are helping to increase classroom confidence amongst the girls and their peers . Our focused work enables girls to grow in their Emotional intelligence and improve their social and emotional skills. The confidence and focus then in school is having a positive impact on each girls home life with their family. The girls in secondary school that we work with who have been on the exclusion list have all been removed, their negative behavior logs have reduced by 75%-80%. As their emotional issues are being worked through over a substantial period of time they are feeling happier and more focused then on their education with this proving to impact on their grades. We have had 9 of our older girls move onto volunteering with us in our young leaders programme in the community. Our work helps reshape girls confidence giving them hope of a better future. Our work is making such an impact that schools rebook our courses each year, parents send their daughters to our girls community groups out of school.

  • History:
  • Cherished was created by Hannah Borg, at 19 years of age. Due to her own teenage experiences she felt passionate that there needed to be services for girls where they felt supported and listened to. From the age of 15 onwards Hannah experienced difficulties regarding emotional and sexual abuse which had a very significant impact on her mental health and self worth. Through Hannah having a mentor to speak to it highlighted the importance of having a listening ear and a non judgmental person to support you through life's difficulties. Hannah's belief in using our story for the good became a reality when after a few years of support Cherished was able to do what Hannah had dreamed of and help girls have a listening ear to offload to, bringing them to a place to then use their story to help others.
    Hannah is very passionate that all girls are given a chance and that there is ALWAYS hope in every dark situation. The purpose of Cherished being to bring hope to the hopeless and light and love where their is darkness and difficulty. Hannah's love for helping Girls and passion for Change quickly attracted other women who had this within them meaning that the team started to grow and more schools and agencies got on board with the vision.
    Since Cherished starting as a tiny seed we have proven that our service is needed and the support works. Cherished is now rapidly growing, supporting girls in over 30 different schools, both primary and secondary. Our successful and thorough recruitment process ensures that all of our female volunteers are trained to the highest standards and offer superb support for girls with a variety of needs. Cherished currently has Hannah Borg as an employee with the rest of the support provided by volunteers, the team being over 50 ladies.

  • Year established:2012
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United Kingdom
  • U.K. Charity Commission ID #:8570635