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  • Mission:
  • Castleton, the 18th oldest institution of higher education in the United States, emphasizes undergraduate liberal arts and professional education while also offering selected graduate programs.

    The College is dedicated to the intellectual and personal growth of students through excellence in teaching, close student-faculty interaction, numerous opportunities for outside-the-classroom learning, and an active and supportive campus community. Castleton strives to learn, use, and teach sustainable practices. The College prepares its graduates for meaningful careers; further academic pursuits; and engaged, environmentally responsible citizenship.

    As a member of the Vermont State Colleges, Castleton is committed to supporting and improving the region's communities, schools, organizations, businesses, and environment.

  • History:
  • Castleton State College's roots go back to October 15, 1787, when the General Assembly of the State of Vermont chartered the Rutland County Grammar School in the village of Castleton. In early America, a grammar school was the first step in higher education, a link between the local common schools and the few colleges in New England. Of institutions that are colleges today, Castleton is the oldest in Vermont and the 18th in the nation.

    The village of Castleton was an intellectual center. The first medical college in Vermont was founded there in 1818 and lasted until 1862. In that time, the school conferred some 1400 medical degrees, more than any other New England medical school.

    Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the school in Castleton evolved and changed names to meet the needs of society. In the 1947 the Normal School became Castleton Teachers College. With increased enrollment from men, intercollegiate athletics began in the 1950s, and by the early-1960s Castleton was a national power in small college men's soccer.

    In 1962, Castleton became a state college and a member of the newly formed Vermont State Colleges. Castleton grew dramatically during the decade of the Sixties in enrollment and in construction of buildings. A generation of faculty educated at major universities brought new perspectives to the classroom. Many academic programs were added to meet the changing needs of students and of society.

    Today Castleton has a total enrollment of about 2000 students. The college offers more than 30 undergraduate programs as well as master’s degrees in education and forensic psychology. First-year students benefit from the First-Year Seminar program and Soundings, which offers the best in music, drama, dance, and contemporary thought for the campus. The college is deeply involved in the region through community service and internships and through its education, nursing, and social work programs.

    Although so much has changed in 228 years, Castleton retains its historic commitment to students and to Vermont.

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