Chinese Nemcomers Service Center (CNSC) (San Francisco, CA)


  • Name:Kelvin Yee
  • Title:Program & Fund Development Manager

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  • Organization Name:Chinese Nemcomers Service Center (CNSC)
  • Address:777 Stockton Street, #104
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    United States

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  • Main phone:415-421-2111

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  • Mission:
  • To provide underserved communities with social, economic, workforce, and business services to transform their lives.

    Chinese Newcomers Service Center (CNSC) is a non-profit organization which provides multilingual services that help immigrants adapt to life in the United States. CNSC serves as a bridge between cultures, enhancing the physical, mental, social, and economic well-being of immigrants, thus facilitating their efforts to become self-sufficient contributing members of the community.

  • Overview:
  • CNSC's core service areas for low-income and immigrant communities include: Workforce and Economic Development, Immigration & Naturalization, Free Tax Services for the Low-Income & Elderly, Information & Referral, and Critical Needs & Hunger.

    Workforce & Economic Development--
    In partnership with governmental agencies and private employers, CNSC's workforce development services include job readiness programs, computer training, ESL for job seekers, social skills, workplace etiquette, job recruitment, employer recruitment, and job placement. KEEP CHINATOWN CLEAN, CNSC's latest project, provides jobs to local low-income residents while cleaning our neighborhood.

    Immigration & Naturalization--
    CNSC's services include ESL and citizenship classes, in addition to form filing.

    Free Tax Services for the Low-Income & Elderly--
    CNSC's VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program, and TCE (tax counseling for the elderly) served more than 2,200 low-income households each year. CNSC helped claim over $1.9 million in tax refunds for the 2014 tax year. CNSC's LITC (Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic) provides representation, education, and advocacy for low-income and LEP (Limited-English-Proficient) taxpayers.

    Information & Referral--
    CNSC provides social services assistance and referrals to housing, health care, consumer and victim rights, education, financial literacy, and college preparation for low-income immigrants, in addition to translation assistance.

    Critical Needs & Hunger--
    CNSC provides awareness and assistance to fight hunger and poverty. CNSC also provides registration with CalFresh for ongoing food distribution. Every year, CNSC feeds over 5,000 low-income individuals through its annual food drive. Additionally, CNSC hosts an annual holiday toy distribution for needy children.

  • History:
  • CNSC has been the premier provider of essential transitional support services for new immigrants since 1969. During its founding year, CNSC was funded by San Francisco Foundation. It was at this time that the 24-hour bilingual emergency hotline and home-visit program were initiated. The following year, CNSC initiated the Immigrant/Refugee Reception Program in cooperation with the Hong Kong International Social Service. 1970 was also the year that CNSC published its first bilingual semi-monthly immigrant newsletter.

    In 1973, CNSC compiled and printed the first bilingual citizenship handbook. along these efforts, CNSC launched the first Voters' Registration Campaign in Chinatown. Over the next few years, CNSC continued to make progress with its immigration and cultural bridge efforts. In 1976, CNSC assisted church groups to house Vietnamese refugees and initiated the Good-Will Family Acculturation Project. In 1977, CNSC sponsored the first Painting Exhibition to promote immigrant artistic talents. As the years progressed, CNSC continued to pave the way for new immigrants and refugees by printing the first Directory of Chinese Immigrant Service Agencies in the U.S. It also initiated the Chinese Language Public Information and education Television Program in cooperation with Amasia television Co. on Channel 26, which was later extended to channel 48 in cooperation with Overseas Chinese Television. In 1979, CNSC hosted a special orientation program for Vietnamese refugees and Chinese immigrants from Mainland china. In 1981, CNSC founded and hosted the first Network of Chinese Immigrant Service Agencies in North America. In that same year, CNSC initiated the Survival Course for new immigrants in cooperation with Cameron House and Job Placement Program in cooperation with EDD. In 1984, CNSC continued its Immigrant Voter Registration efforts by installing a voting machine in the office and started teaching first time voters how to use it. 1984 was also the year that CNSC initiated the Post-Migration Orientation and Support Program.

    Additional immigration and outreach efforts by CNSC include serving as an outreach center for the census Bureau to try to minimize undercounting Chinese-speaking residents 1990. In 1991, CNSC expanded employment services by inviting the State Department of Rehabilitation to provide intake and screening onsite. In 1992, CNSC assisted INS with the Alien Registration Card Replacement Program. 1994 marked CNSC’s creation of the “Newcomers Guide” in collaboration with the California State Department of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Action, AT&T, Bank of America, PG&E, and Imanda Wong Communication Group. This guide promoted consumer awareness and provided emergency preparation information. In 1997, with funding from the San Francisco Foundation, CNSC expanded immigration related services and increased citizenship and ESL classes to assist those affected by welfare reforms. In 1999, Teresa Wu, former CNSC Executive Director, was tasked with selecting and coordinating a panel of lawyers, advocates, and service providers to meet with, then Vice President, Al Gore in a round table discussion regarding immigration.

    CNSC has also had many significant accomplishments in advocating wellness, health, and mental health over the years. In 1975, CNSC initiated the Newcomer Elderly Identification Program in cooperation with Health Center Number Four. 1980 marked the year CNSC initiated the Chinese Language Mental Health Information and Referral Line. In 1982, CNSC sponsored the Healthy Baby Contest in cooperation with Health Center Number Four.

    CNSC has pioneered many programs that have benefited the community over the years. The far-reaching impact of CNSC’s programs has afforded individuals and businesses the opportunity to flourish during difficult times. For 46 years, CNSC staff and volunteers have tirelessly dedicated themselves to serving the community. CNSC’s efforts have predominantly served the San Francisco and Northern San Mateo Counties; however, CNSC has recently started to expand into other San Francisco Bay Area counties as well.

  • Year established:1969
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