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  • Address:quartier kinguele
    Libreville bp 7826

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  • Mission:

  • Our work association in the fight against poverty through the promotion of economic initiatives of its members are young people in poor neighborhoods built towns and villages.
    We educate them on the topic of entrepreneurship, we detect those carriers ideas, we transform ideas into projects, we support these young people in obtaining approvals and research funding, and we assist in the implementation projects.

  • Overview:



    The affirmation of the right of every human being to live free of misery, poverty, suffering and hunger requires the man himself, in the community, partners with others to work in for its development and transformation of this environment.
    Respect for the promotion of this fundamental right in Gabon requires a change of mentality, and supports the development of own abilities of people to achieve a better integral development.
    Our role lies in the mobilization of youth, by creating income-generating activities, which will contribute to create indigenous capabilities and multiplication of wealth-creating economic units.


    - Combat all forms of poverty and exclusion of young people,
    - Curb rural migration by creating economic activities in rural areas (processing of non-wood products)
    - Foncevoir and achieve in partnership with other organizations in participatory development programs,
    - Promoting sustainable agriculture and the processing of local food products in industrial consumer goods,
    - Create and develop small and medium businesses while educating the young in the field of the preservation of our ecosystems.


    - Select the Gabonese eager to take charge,
    - To find funding souces,
    - To set up multiple microphones projects in various fields,
    - Coordinate and assist these persons when running projects


    - Accompany young enpartant from idea to project (realization of faisabibilité studies)
    - Assist young people in the launch phase to the growth phase,
    - Training young people in entrepreneurship and social economy CASH management,
    - Set up a mutual system to allow them to self finance
    - Encourage young people to organize themselves into networks,
    - Involve other organizations or administrations in normative planning, strategic and operational.


    - Forest: non-wood products processing (resin, wild seeds, fruits, leaves, bark)
    - Fishing: identification and valuation of fish products with high potential, processing and marketing,
    - Livestock:
    - Subsistence farming: stimulus subsistence farming, processing and comercialisation local food products with high potential,
    - Craft: promoting trades and crafts
    - Tourism: promote the business of ecotourism and setting up projects
    - Services
    - Environmental

  • History:
  • 2014 Activity Report
    The Gabon Youth Initiatives association whose aim is to fight poverty through the promotion of economic initiatives of its members conducted several campaigns to educate local youth integrated neighborhoods in Libreville.
    These young people were sensitized on the subject of entrepreneurship and the need to integrate the association to benefit from support during these campaigns carrier ideas were detected and transformed into project in partnership with young people and casting ideas.
    Thus we identified the idea of ​​creating a biomedical waste recycling company presented by Judicaël MATIENDI
    Who benefited from the help of the association in the assembly, the acquisition of various administrative documents and the implementation of the project which is materialized by the company EGGE-DOUTSIETSI.
    Furthermore the following projects have been mounted and are looking for funding.
    -Project For creating an ecotourism site for biodiversity observation in the MOUGALABA National Park.
    -Project Processing tin can with pumpkin seeds.
    Natural dried fruit processing -Project from the primary forest of Gabon (NWFP).
    Waste plastics processing -Project form of granules for export in bundles to industrialized countries for recycling.
    Under training two members namely Mr. Bertin IKOUMBOU IKOUMBOU (Chairman) and Mrs. Patricia born NGOUNDOU MOMBO have benefited from training in situation analysis, the logical framework, the design, implementation and evaluation of projects within the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation
    The association is affiliated to international peace child (England), the Gabonese network of non-state actors for Community Development (Regan), which has 49 associations and cooperatives. We are also a member of the foundation of Tony Elumelu and NIGERIA OF ARTERIAL network.
                               STATE BUDGET
    The association worked from the contributions of these members amounted to 1000.000FCFA earnings for the full year 2014
    Paper purchase 100.000Fcfa
    Purchase ink 100.000Fcfa
    Travel expenses 70.000Fcfa
    Purchase various office accessories 65.000Fcfa
    Water and electricity charges 250.000Fcfa
    Administrative costs 150.000Fcfa
     TOTAL 845.000Fcfa
    Rest in cash 155.000Fcfa

  • Year established:1999
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #:00155/MISPD/SG