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  • Mission:
  • American Friends of Exceed (AFOE) supports people with disabilities by supporting the work of international the NGO Exceed Worldwide.

    AFOE's mission is to care for persons with disabilities in underserved regions through education, scholarships, provision of devices, research grants and public awareness.

    Exceed Worldwide's vision is:

    ' Creating possibilities, exceeding expectations, futures without limits.'

    Its mission is :

    ' Working in partnership to deliver high quality, sustainable services that equip, enable and empower persons with disabilities.'

  • Overview:
  • AFOE is a non-profit organisation 501(c)(3), incorporated in South Carolina, USA. All funds raised by AFOE support the care of persons with disabilities and by supporting the work of Exceed Worldwide.

    This NGO supports people with disabilities (PWD) by providing philanthropic Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) education and rehabiliation services. This enables the people it supports to gain or regain mobility and therefore have the opportunity to play a full part in the social and economic life of their communities and countries as independent citizens and advocates for other PWD.

    With partners, Exceed Worldwide trains Prosthetist Orthotists at 5 internationally-accredited P&O schools in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Indonesia. Students from many countries - including students with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds - attend these schools and many would be unable to complete their courses without the support of sponsors. Student sponsorship is a cost-effective investment, as qualified Prosthetist Orthotists treat and support thousands of PWD during their careers.

    Seven clinics associated with the P&O schools provide philanthropic P&O rehabilitation services for those least able to pay.

    A community based rehabilitation team in Cambodia identifies people with disabilities, facilitates assessment and treatment and provides ongoing support to enable children with disabilities to access education (from primary to university level) and adults with disabilities to access education, vocational training and gain employment or start small businesses.

    Disability is a major issue which is highlighted in 5 of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals. PWD make up the world's largest disadvantaged group, consisting of 15% of the world's population according to the UN and WHO. Mobility issues are the most common form of disability and 80% of people who need Prosthetic and Orthotic support do not have access to these life-transforming services. This is why the work of Exceed Worldwide is so important.

    PWD experience discrimination at every level of society and, in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka and India alone, almost 10 million people currently need, but do not have access to, Prosthetic and Orthotic support. This figure will rise to 13 million by 2025, as populations age (leading inevitably to higher levels of impairment), lifestyles change (resulting in higher levels of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cardio-vascular conditions and much greater demand for P&O services) and governments, with many priorities, are unable to address adequately what amounts to a global challenge.

    In the short-term, Exceed Worldwide needs donors, particularly Trusts and Foundations to provide funds in a number of key areas including:

    - Sponsoring students to attend schools of Prosthetics and Orthotics, particularly in Cambodia
    - Supporting community based rehabilitation services in Cambodia, including services which support children and young people to access and remain in education and training and business development support for young people and adults with disabilities
    - Supporting the work of rehabilitation clinics in former war zones in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka
    - Disability research
    - Seed funding for Exceed Social Enterprises, a social business owned by NGO Exceed Worldwide.

    Exceed Social Enterprises turns the 'traditional' funding model, within which support usually flows from wealthy to less developed countries, on its head. This social business will access the resources of the wealthy IN lower income countries to provide funds to sustain and develop philanthropic services for those trapped in a cycle of disability, poverty and exclusion.

    From the perspective of donors this is an intriguing development, as a single donation is an investment which will help establish a social business, will provide ongoing support for philanthropic services provided currently by Exceed Worldwide and, more importantly, will seed an initiative which has the potential, within 10 years, to provide Prosthetic and Orthotic services for almost 750,000 people with disabilities per year. This is the type of large scale impact and transformative change needed to address the immense level of need for Prosthetic and Orthotic services across the globe.

  • History:
  • American Friends of Exceed was formed in 2014, but the organization we support, Exceed Worldwide, has a long and distinguished history.

    1989 - The Cambodia Trust (which became Exceed Worldwide) founded in Oxford, UK, to support Cambodian landmine survivors.

    1992 – The organisation’s first Prosthetic rehabilitation center opened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Prince (later King) Norodom Sihanouk.

    1993 - A second rehabilitation center opens in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and the organisation’s service range is extended include Orthotics and Physiotherapy.

    1994 - The Cambodia School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (CSPO) opens in Phnom Penh.

    1995 - Support from the HOPE organization facilitates the opening of a third rehabilitation center in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia.

    1997 - CSPO achieves Category II status from the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics and begins to gain an international reputation. The rehabilitation center and school in Phnom Penh merge, to provide practical training for students.

    1997 - The Cambodia Trust becomes a founding member of the Disability Action Council in Cambodia.

    1999 - Community-Based Rehabilitation projects established in all three Cambodian rehabilitation centres, a move towards an holistic approach to rehabilitation, with Prosthetics and Orthotics providing a first step to independence and equality. Work includes facilitating access to education for children and young people with disabilities.

    1999 - The Cambodia Trust features in a record breaking BBC television Lifeline Appeal.

    2000 - With support from The Nippon Foundation fact-finding missions, to identify other countries where experience and expertise could be shared, begins.

    2000 - Carson Harte, Executive Director of the Cambodia Trust, receives the Gold Award for Humanitarian Development from the Royal Cambodian Government.

    2002 - The Cambodia Trust becomes one of the first NGOs in the world - and the first in Cambodia - to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification.

    2002 - The organisation receives the prestigious AGFUND international prize for pioneering projects in developing countries.

    2003 – With funding and support from the Nippon Foundation, work begins to establish a School of Prosthetics and Orthotics in Sri Lanka.

    2004 - The Cambodia Trust receives the Solidarité Central Charity Fund award from the European Commission.

    2006 -The Cambodia Trust attends the United Nations, during discussions for a UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, to present the concept of "400 Million R", an idea to highlight the discrimination faced by 400 million people with disabilities in the developing world.

    2007 - A new building is completed for The Sri Lanka School of Prosthetics and Orthotics. Students and staff begin providing rehabilitation services for people with disabilities through the school's clinic.

    2008 - Work to establish the Jakarta School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (JSPO), the first training centre in Indonesia for rehabilitation specialists, begins.

    2009 - JSPO opens and the first Indonesian students begin their studies.

    2011 – The Philippines School of and Orthotics (PSPO) opens in Manila.

    2011 – Cambodian Higher Education Project, to facilitate access to university for young people with disabilities begins, with support from The Nippon Foundation, extending Exceeds work to facilitate access to education.

    2012 - The Cambodia Trust and Nippon Foundation agree to establish a new Prosthetic and Orthotic Department in the University of Medical Technology in Yangon, Myanmar.

    2013 - The Cambodia Trust coordinates a high-level, multi-agency side-event, ‘Assistive Technology Opens Doors’ at the UN General Assembly. This becomes the launch pad for GATE: the Global Alliance on Assistive Technologies, a WHO initiative to increase access to quality, affordable assistive technology.

    2014 – The Cambodia Trust becomes ‘Exceed Worldwide’, to reflect the much wider mission of the organisation in geographical and service terms.

    2014 - The Exceed International Disability Research Network established, in partnership with universities and other institutions in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

    2014 - Planning to establish Exceed Social Enterprises, to provide sustainable, growing funding for the provision and expansion of Exceed Worldwide philanthropic services begins.

    2015 - The Myanmar School of and Orthotics (PSPO) opens at the University of Medical Technology in Yangon.

    2015 - Exceed Social Enterprises established to develop private Prosthetics and Orthotics services in South and South East Asia, to fund philanthropic services for those least able to pay. By March 2015, Exceed had supplied and fitted 50,182 custom made devices but, in time, Exceed Social Enterprises will enable Exceed to address the immense need for Prosthetics and Orthotic services on a large scale.

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